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Taiwan Scholarship by Ministry of Education (ROC)

About the Directorate of International Relations

Vel Tech focuses on various disciplines of Engineering and Management, Media & Communication Technology, LAW and Applied Sciences. Since the inception in 1997, Vel Tech has laid emphasis on intense Industry-Integration, Impactful Research, International Collaborations and Technology Business Incubations. Our research facility is accorded with the status of Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by DSIR, Govt. of India. Till date, we have worked with agencies like DRDO, DAE, NID, DST and many manufacturing and engineering Industries to provide concerted solutions in different domains connected with UAVs, 3D printing, electronics, new materials, and e-bikes. Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) have been signed with various International Universities across the Globe. This would further strengthen Research and Academic linkages, exchange of students and faculty with an aim to achieve state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities in various fields of Engineering and Science.

Directorate of International Relations has been set, to promote relations with renowned Institutions abroad. It provides an opportunity for students to complete a part of their degree programmes and a platform for the faculty members to collaborate, work jointly and engage in various active research with peers at foreign Universities.

Our strategic objectives in the context of International Relations are:

The Directorate coordinates bilateral Research and Academic programmes for Universities / Institutions Abroad

  • Establish new collaboration with Universities Abroad and maintain the existing collaborations active.
  • Exchange Students, Scholars and Faculty members with the partner Universities to enhance mobility
  • Support and Connect the likeminded Researchers at Partner Universities Abroad

The Office of International Relations

Director for International Relations

Mr.T.Ramesh Kumar
Coordinator – Faculty Exchange and Joint Programmes

Mr. Tamilazhagan G A
Coordinator – Student Exchange (Incoming & Outgoing)

Bulletin Issue 7 (Oct. 2019 – Mar. 2020)

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Bulletin Issue 6

Bulletin Issue 5 (Oct. 2018 – Mar. 2019)

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Bulletin Issue 4 (Apr. 2018 – Sep. 2018)

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Bulletin Issue 3 (Nov. 2017 – Mar. 2018)

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Bulletin Issue 2 (Apr. 2017 – Sep. 2017)

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Bulletin Issue 1 (Oct. 2016 – Mar. 2017)

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