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Students Exchange Programme

Incoming Students


Students registered for a degree programme from a recognized Institute/University and those who are officially sponsored by that Institute/University are expected to carry out Coursework / Research for a period of not exceeding two semesters can be accepted as visiting students under the Student Exchange Program based on the MoU or otherwise.
Students willing to do their thesis/ project work/research work may preferably contact the faculty members in advance to take their approval for guidance and for finalizing the research topic.
Admission of students is subjected to the terms and conditions of MoU / Students Exchange Agreement signed with Vel Tech and the rules and regulation of both the Country/ University/Institution concerned.
No tuition fee will be levied for the Students from partner Universities. Students have to bear the living and personal expenses such as boarding, lodging and travel. Accommodation will be provided in the International Guest House / Hostels on payment basis (approx. Rs.12,000/- per month which includes Airport Transfers, Local Transportation, Food, Wi-Fi, Access to Gym etc).

Curriculum & Syllabi



Broad Areas

Research Problem / Project Title


Mechanical Engineering

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Robotics, Rapid prototyping and structural health monitoring

1. Image processing and analysis of railway bridges and heritage structures
2. CFD analysis of amphibian vehicle
3. Selective inhibition sintering studies
4. 3D mapping and analysis of heritage structures
5. Structural analysis of Nano satellite structures


Mechanical Engineering

Composites Materials, Finite Element Analysis and Additive Manufacturing

1. Investigation on the Mechanical behaviour of natural fiber reinforced Polymers
2.Finite Elemets Analysis of NFRP Military Helmet
3.Dynamical and Crystalline Analysis of hybrid natural  fiber reinforced Polymers
4. Thermal Analysis of hybrid natural fiber reinforced polymers
5.Design and Development of Sewer Robot


Aeronautical Engineering

Aerodynamics, CFD

Numerical Analysis of flow over an wind turbine air foil (*Students should have knowledge on basics of Fluid Mechanics)


Aeronautical Engineering

Auto Pilot, Flight torent flight controls

1.Unmanned Aerial Vehicle- Autopilot
2.Parameter estimation of fixed using UAV
3.Flight Instrumentation


Aeronautical Engineering

Combustion, Thermal Engineering
Transport phenomena, Numerical Methods

1.Design of Porous media combustor for burning of biomass for domestic cooking
2.Study of Non- Premixed combustion in porous media
3.Design and Testing of non-contact based heat exchanger using Porous media
4. Development of low cost” particle Image Velocimetry”(PIV)
5.Development of technique for evaluating greens function for linearized Naviers stokes equation


Aeronautical Engineering

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(VAS)

1.Mapping and remote Sensing with the help of UAV(Fixed Wing)
2.Development of Autopilot System Face UAV


Aeronautical Engineering

Amphibian Systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Hovercraft

1.Design and development of Amphibian UAV
2.Position holding system of Amphibian UAV


Automobile  Engineering

IC Engines, Pollution and Control, Automobile Engineering

1.Performance study of IC Engine using any Biodisel
2.Any concept that reduces the emission levels from I.C. Engine
3.Any concept that improves the thermal efficiency of IC Engines
4.Any idea that enhances the air motion inside the cylinder of engine for better combustion and performance
5.Automotive Technology related Project


Automobile  Engineering

IC Engines, Alternate Fuels, Gasification, HCCI Engines

1.Thermal Cracking of Vegetable oil
2.Alternate Fuels for CI Engines
3.Optimization of HCCI Engines
3.CI Engine Modification


Automobile  Engineering

Alternate fuels

1.Duel Fuel for CI Engines
2.Alternate Fuel for IC Engines
3.Engine Parameter Optimiization


Automobile  Engineering

Vehicle Dynamics, Vibration

1. Vibration Arresting in any of the Auto components


Automobile  Engineering

Alternate fuels

Research on Tamarind seed oil


Civil  Engineering

Solid Dynamics, Earth Quake Resistant design, Geotechnical Engineering

1. Performance of Bamboo Reinforced PreCast Panels
2.Remedial measures against liquefaction problems


Civil  Engineering

Earthquake Engineering, retrofitting

1. Retrofitting of RC beam using various materials
2. Structural Health monitoring using NDT
3. concrete properties with replacing its constituents


Computer Science & Engineering

Wireless Network, Internet of Things

1. Health Monitoring in out of Hospital Environment
2. Spare parts recognition for automobile industry(Using openCV, Ordroid, Raspberry pi, Python
3.Security and Self-healing mechanism in IOT Applications


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Agricultural Engineering
Intelligent Controllers
Process Control and Automation (PLC-HMI)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
Image Processing

1. PLC-HMI and Zigbee based WSN for Design and Development of Automatic Sprinkler for Multi Applications
2. Adaptive Control and Image Processing based Control in fossil fuel power plant


Electronics & Communication Engineering

 Embedded System
System On Chip
Photonics, Nano Optics

1.Embedded System
2. System On Chip
4. Nano Optics
5.5. Bio Photonics


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Light Communication, Reconfigurable Architectures, Embedded Computing Systems, VLSI Design, Fault- Tolerant Systems, Image Processing

1.Light Communication node Creation Using FPGA
2.Reconfigurable Imager and Light Communication Transceiver
3.Light Communication node Creation Using PSOC Controller
4.Online Inspection System Using Machine Vision
5.Self-Adapting Spectacles using Image Processing


Electronics & Communication Engineering

Image Processing

1. Biometric data Security
2. Health Care Monitoring System


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Power electronics and power system

1. Analysis and control of BLDC Motor for industrial applications
2. Harmonic reduction of inverters using novel PWM technique
3. Design of Hybrid inverter for Power system applications
4. Modelling and simulation of intelligent controller for A Hybrid Micro Grid


Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Power system stability
Power system optimizations Power electronics application to power system
Power quality studies  Grid integration of renewable energy sources
Smart Grid

1. Power system optimization problems
2. Modelling and Power Management Strategy for Grid Connected Hybrid energy
3. Hybrid Search Method for Optimization of Real Parameter in modern  power system
4. Optimal Inverter operation application to power systems
5.  Integration of Renewable Energy Sources
6. Power Electronic Interface Model for real time simulations of AC machine system
7. Harmonic analysis in smart grid related to power systems


Information Technology

Artificial Neural Networks, Big Data Analytics

1.ANN in Medical Application
2. Issues in Storing Big Data
3. Security Issues in Big data
4. machine Learning Genomic Medicine
5. Image Processing in Agricultural Applications



Sensor Instrumentation, Embedded System Applications, Signal Processing, Renewable Energy

1. Robotic & Intelligent System(IOT)
2.Green Energy- Sensor Instrumentation
3. Smart Cities & Intelligent transportation
4.Renewable Energy Storage
5.battery Technology


Aeronautical Engineering

Gas turbine combustion, solar thermal systems, aircraft propulsion, Aircraft stability and control

1.Flame stabilization in gas turbine combustion chambers and afterburners- Analytical and experimental studies
1. Performance characteristics estimation of aero gas turbine engines- Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies
2. Investigation of thermal stresses in gas turbine blades- Analytical and experimental studies
3. Design and optimization of single stage to launch orbital (SSTO) vehicles
4. Dynamic stability analysis of heavy commercial aircrafts


Electronics / Electrical / Mechanical

Electronics Programming, Mechanical System Design

1. Design and realization of radio communication using Lora and ZigBee modules for ebike motor power drive and power electronics remote control (Knowledge of C programming is recommended)
2. Design and realization of a GPS controlled autonomous drive for self-driven tricycle (Knowledge of C programming is recommended)
3. Design and develoment of direct drive vertical windmill with integration of  a four walls wind accelerator (Knowledge of CAD operation needed)
4. Design and develoment of tricycle driven with mechanical pedalling and eWheels (Knowledge of CAD operation needed)
5. Design and development of a kinetic storage system for an electric wheel drive in eBike (Knowledge of CAD operation needed)
6. Design of a micro-inverter, using the existing design: assembly, test, and improvements (Knowledge of CAD operation needed)
7. Design of a Kaisen assembly chain, dedicated to the production of eWheels (Desire to learn production methods)
8. Coding and Algoritm development for the advanced level control of electric wheel drive (Knowledge of embedded C programming is recommended)


Application Deadline
Autumn / OddJuly – December1st May
Spring / EvenJanuary – May1st November

Applications in prescribed format with necessary documents to be submitted to:
Director for International Relations
Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology Deemed to be University
400 Feet Outer Ring Road – Avadi, Chennai – 600062.
Tamil Nadu, India.

Procedure to apply:
Exchange programme (UG/PG)

  • Students are expected to have a proficiency of English. Certificate for English proficiency to be submitted from the Home University.
  • All students must come under a student visa and not a tourist or entry visa.
  • Flyer for Incoming Students may be download HERE.
  • Instructions to be followed, view details

Online Application for Incoming Students Mobility

Student Visa

– Students must enter into India only with the Student Visa. No other visa’s will be permitted as per the Immigration rules.

– Student must report to Directorate of International Relations for FRRO procedures

– Immigration procedure : Click Here

Outgoing Students


Vel Tech encourages the UG and PG students to take up one or two semesters at Partner Universities Abroad. Student will be allowed to do Course Work and / or Project Work. In case of work, prior course mapping has to be done through the student’s home department Board of Studies. Students may be encouraged to pursue internships in foreign universities /laboratories, and other facilities when such an internship has a clear link to the students’ academic or research pursuits. Internships should be pursued during vacation periods.

Procedure to apply:
Exchange programme (UG//PG)

  • Most of the Partner University typically offer Tuition Fee waiver.
  • Details of the opportunities and deadline will be sent to the official email IDs of students.

Application Form For Semester Abroad Programme/Project Abroad Programme (Outbound)

Procedure for Course Work

Procedure for Project Work

  • High Speed Bearing Test Facility
  • Automotive Engine Test Facility
  • E-Waste Management Facility
  • Aerospace Propulsion Centre
  • Centre for Industrial Automation
  • Centre for Autonomous System Research
  • Composite Research Centre
  • Metallurgical and Materials Engg Lab
  • Tinkering / 3D Printing Lab
  • Material Science Research Lab
  • Rocket Motor Testing and Aero Propulsion Engine Research Laboratory
  • Structural Engineering Research Lab
  • DASSAULT SYSTEMES Centre for Design, Engineering and Manufacturing (CDEM)
  • Cyber Security Lab
  • R&D Lab for Innovative Devices (with FranceCol)
  • Centre for Computational Fluid Flow Modelling
  • Centre of Excellence on Virtual Instrumentation

Vel Tech regularly hosts students from Partnering Organisations for their Internships / Semester Abroad Programmes, has excellent facilities for accommodation and catering and for sports activities. Chennai is a friendly city with nice tourist spots nearby for spending weekends. More than 20 Students were hosted by the University during 2016 for taking up internship Projects and/or Courses from French Universities such as

Research Internship for UG/PG students at Global Institutions with World class research facilities:

Internship Details:  Vel Tech UG students are encouraged/facilitated/sponsored to take up research internship starting from their 6th semester.