Research in Vel Tech is known as the top-notch Institution for its Internationally renowned quality in Multidisciplinary Research. The intersection of disciplines is emphasized, as new ideas emerge and impulses innovative Research.There are ample opportunities for students/ scholars/ faculty to hone their Research skills during their Research work at the Institution. Seventy independent labs facilitated that engages faculty and students Research work.

Research - Vel Tech
Scientific Research - Vel Tech

Vel Tech Research Park

Vel Tech has established National Facilities, Centers of Excellence and Special Labs in association with Research Organizations/ Industries for taking up R&D and Industry – relevant projects by the Students and Faculty.

Research - Vel Tech centres

Academic Research

Research at Vel Tech aims to develop innovative solutions from addressing the needs of the society. The research efforts are enhanced through collaborative relations with the leading research institutions and consortia around the world.

Research - Vel Tech academia

International Research

Vel Tech spurs research across countries, with the desire to promote new research for the industrial applications in field of engineering.