Research & Development

Vel Tech is known as the top-notch Institution for its Internationally renowned quality in Multidisciplinary Research. The intersection of disciplines is emphasized, as new ideas emerge and impulse innovative research. There are ample opportunities for students/ scholars/ faculty to hone their research skills during their research work at the Institution. More than 30+ independent labs are facilitated to engage faculty and students’ in research work

Our Focus

• To promote the visibility of the Institute by means of establishing Center of Excellence, state-of-art facilities, interdepartmental and translational R & D activities
• To protect innovations through IPR Cell and encourage researchers to participate in outreach activities
• To serve as a facilitator for Interdisciplinary-Integrative research approaches with Industry/Academic and National/International research network set-up
• To create awareness regarding Research Funding, Grant Writing, Ethics, Data Analysis, and Management among researchers through training, lectures, E-learning resources
• To inspire faculty and staff with incentives towards research activities and providing seed grants
• To warrant the quality and integrity of innovations in research accomplishments as per the Code of Practice for Research

Research Highlights

  • More than 20 Cutting Edge Research Centers worth 10 crore.
  • 27 Ongoing Research Projects worth 700 lakh.
  • Granted patents – 21
  • Completed more than 50 funded projects.
  • Established High-Speed Bearing Test facility-funded by GTRE worth 188 lakhs
  • Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) houses more than 200+ Innovation-Driven Proof of Concepts, that serves as pipeline – Vel Tech Technology Business Incubation.

Message from Dean’s Desk

DRDr. E. Balasubramanian

(Dean R & D)

For more than two decades, Vel Tech has been carrying out academic and multidisciplinary research activities in diversified technology domains such as Additive Manufacturing, Aerodynamics and Propulsion, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Bio Nano Technology and Bio-Sensors, Composite Materials and Metallurgy, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Image Processing and Deep Learning, Nano-materials and Coatings and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for diverse applications. Vel Tech promotes state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research among students and faculty members. Vel Tech was received grants worth of more than 5000 lakhs from diverse funding agencies such as DST, DBT, DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, CPRI, BRNS, IEI, MSME, TNSCST and other International Collaborations (Indo – Taiwan, Indo – France, Indo – Canada and Indo – Korea).
The National Education Policy (NEP) focuses on developing a robust ecosystem of multidisciplinary research in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). The thrust areas such as biotechnology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, energy, and 3D printing need to be focused on enhancing the R&D of our country. The societal challenges such as providing clean drinking water, sanitation, improving air quality, and infrastructure monitoring are to be addressed effectively with high-quality interdisciplinary research. The overarching aim of NEP is to enable a culture of research to pervade through HEIs across our nation. As per UN agenda, contribution towards SDGs through research, teaching, and practical activities is the need of the hour. Thus, the institute addresses the need for NEP and SDGs by investing in the development of quality resources, manpower, technologies, and anchoring multi-stakeholder practices.

Team – Office of Research & Development

Mr. S. Vishnu Kumar

Coordinator – Sponsored Project
Asst. Prof. Dept of ECE
M: 8754484206

Project Management | E-Submissions

Mr. T. Ravichandran

Coordinator – Sponsored Project
Asst. Prof. Dept of  Auto.
M: 8754416297

Funding Opportunities | Bill Processing

Mr. T. Udhaya Kumar

Coordinator – Research Publications
Asst. Prof. Dept of  Civil
M: 9384827331

IPR & TT | Publication Metrics

Mr. N. Murugunachippan

Coordinator – Vel Tech SEED Fund
Asst. Prof. Dept of Auto.
M: 9384827331

Vel Tech SEED Fund | Publication Metrics

Publication Cell

The Publication Cell coordinates researchers from various Departments/Centre/Institutes to publish scholarly papers, articles, and books as per the institute’s guideline. The cell facilitates identifying faculties and students and encourage them for their outstanding contribution in publications, by providing financial assistance for analytical and characterization process. Technical guideship in using modern tools for manuscript preparation are also rendered time to time.

Publication Support-Tools

Vel Tech has the state of the art- plagiarism checker that can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages as well as from different academic databases. This lets you know whether or not your text contains duplicate content. Our Premium plagiarism checker highlights passages that require citations and gives you the resources you need to properly credit your sources.

  • Vel Tech has active subscriptions of world’s leading citation database- Scopus & Web of Science.
  • Scopus Database is an Elsevier’s abstract and citation database launched in 2004, which covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers, of which 34,346 are peer-reviewed journals in top-level subject fields: life sciences, social sciences, physical sciences and health sciences.
  • Web of Science, previously known as Web of Knowledge is a database of bibliographic citations from Taylor & Francis. of multidisciplinary areas that covers the various journals of medical, scientific, and social sciences including humanities

Publication Incentive

  • As per the institute norms a faculty based on their category are expected to publish minimum number of publications per year as below.
CategoryMinimum Compliance Per Calendar Year
Category – A
(Research Faculties)
4-Scopus indexed
2-SCI indexed
Category – B
(Faculties with Doctorate)
3-Scopus indexed
1-SCI indexed & 1-Scopus indexed
(Faculties with Masters)
2-Scopus indexed
or 1-SCI indexed
  • Publications made by faculty members above minimum compliance are identified and encouraged for their outstanding contribution as follow.
CategoryMinimum Compliance Per Calendar Year
SCI Indexed Paper1st Author Rs. 5,000
Remaining authors Rs.5,000 is evenly distributed.
Scopus Indexed Paper1st Author Rs.2,500
Remaining authors Rs.2,500 is evenly distributed.

No. of Publications in the Journals Notified on UGC website

Faculties with Highest Impact Factor

Faculties with Highest Publications Count

Sl.NoFaculty NameDesignationDeptTotal Publications
1Dr. Sundarapandian VProfessorMaths501
2Dr. Logesh KAssistant ProfessorMech101
3Dr. Balasubramanian EProfessorMech100
4Dr. Kannan EProfessorCSE75
5Dr. Kanagachidambaresan G RAssociate ProfessorCSE61

MOST Cited Publications

S.NOAuthorsTitleYearJournal NameCited by
1Azar A.T., Vaidyanathan S.Chaos Modeling and Control Systems Design2015Studies in Computational Intelligence331
2Sundarapandian V., Pehlivan I.Analysis, control, synchronization, and circuit design of a novel chaotic system2012Mathematical and Computer Modelling300
3Pehlivan I., Moroz I.M., Vaidyanathan S.Analysis, synchronization and circuit design of a novel butterfly attractor2014Journal of Sound and Vibration227
4Vaidyanathan S., Sampath S.Anti-synchronization of four-wing chaotic systems via sliding mode control2012International Journal of Automation and Computing215
5Vaidyanathan S., Idowu B.A., Azar A.T.Backstepping controller design for the global chaos synchronization of Sprott’s jerk systems2015Studies in Computational Intelligence214
6Vijayaraghavan K., Nalini S.P.K., Prakash N.U., Madhankumar D.One step green synthesis of silver nano/microparticles using extracts of Trachyspermum ammi and Papaver somniferum2012Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces208
7Vaidyanathan S., Azar A.T.Analysis, control and synchronization of a nine-term 3-D novel chaotic system2015Studies in Computational Intelligence206

Sponsored Research Cell

The Sponsored Research Cell coordinates, Research Projects at Vel Tech that are sponsored by National & International Institutions and Industries. Various Research Centre are established in Research Park to host these projects. So far more than 5000 lakh worth grants have been sanctioned to Vel Tech. Currently the institute has 25+ ongoing projects from various GoI agencies such as DST, DBT, DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, CPRI, BRNS, IEI, MSME, TNSCST. Also, the institute had attracted international sponsored projects like Indo – Taiwan, Indo – France, Indo – Canada and Indo – Korea.

Our Thrust Areas

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Bio Nano Technology and Bio-Sensors
  • Composite Materials and Metallurgy
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Image Processing and Deep Learning
  • Nano-materials and Coatings
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Water Quality Analysis

List of Sponsored Projects & Events

Funded Research projects at Vel Tech are sponsored by National/International Institutions and Industries, Research labs are occupied with these projects

Visit funded projects webpage

Call for Proposals

S.noFunding Agency Call for ProposalLast Date
1DSTCall for Proposals on Advanced Materials and Energy Storage Technology (AMEST)-202230.09.2022
India-Belarus Joint Call for Proposals15.09.2022
DST-Accelerating CCUS Technologies (ACT4) Call and Indian Funding Guidelines12.09.2022
India Canada Joint Call for Proposal 2022Extended to 14.09.2022
Research & Technology Development for Blending of Agro-Residues with Coal in Thermal Power PlantsExtended to 30.09.2022
Call for SATHI proposal -202230.09.2022
Call for proposal-2022 under “India-Japan Cooperative Science Programme06.09.2022
3DBTCEPI’s Open Calls for Proposals13.12.2022
Request for Applications on Host directed therapies against TB15.9.2022
India-U.S. Collaborative Vision Research Program (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)01.11.2022
Call for Letters of Intent (LOI) -Research on key components or resources for Biomedical Technologies15.09.2022
4SERBState University Research Excellence (SERB SURE)19.09.2022
SERB International Research Experience (SIRE)13.09.2022
National Science Chair31.10.2022
SERB-POWER Grant30.09.2022
BIRAC Announces Call for Proposals under BioNEST Scheme…Throughout the year
BIRAC Announces Call for under Proposal Product Commercialization Fund31.12.2022
6Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)ESRC research grantThroughout the year
7TATA GroupTata Open Innovation Program – Tata InnoverseThroughout the year
8MOEFOnline Applications invited for R&D Proposals for 2020-21 under the R&D Scheme for Conservation and Development.NA
9GAIL GAIL- New Research & Development Project ProposalsNA
10ICMRICMR – DFG – Call for Proposals 202230.09.2022
11IGSTCIGSTC announces WISER program for women researchers in India & GermanyApplications accepted throughout the year.

Sponsoring Agencies

IPR & TT Cell

The Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Cell proactively works to foster an atmosphere of knowledge creation through research and innovations along with the Institute’s educational goal. It provides opportunities; by facilitating the protection of intellectual properties created by the faculties/students through their research pursuit. The cell actively works on activities related to evaluation and filling of patents, copyrights and design. The Institute has an array of technologies / IPR developed through Research and Development work and the cell is responsible for assessing commercial potential of the technology, identifying the market avenues and delivering the benefits of research to industry and society. We provide information about the different opportunities for Industries to collaborate and associate with us either through a technology transfer, sponsored research project or through a consulting project. We invite you to explore the technologies and benefit by collaborating with us.


• Foster an IPR culture consistent with the educational mandate of the university.
• Guidance to institute personnel on filling of patents, copyrights and design.
• Encourage Commercialization and Licensing activities for intellectual assets created.

Procedure to Apply a PATENT under Institutes’s 100% Financial Aid Scheme

• Inventors (Faculty/Staff/Student/Alumni) can download the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) from website and need to submit duly completed forms (both hardcopy & softcopy) to IPR cell.
• IPR Cell Co-ordinator will do initial Patent Search and the details will be shared to Dean-R&D.
• On approval from Dean-R&D, the Patent will be filed and the entire cost will be borne by Institute.
• There are two types of filling: Provisional & Complete.
• Provisional Specification (PS) is filed to make sure that the innovations claimed is submitted to patent office and protected. Hence, they will not be claimed by others. It is valid for 12 months. If the provisional specification is not carry-forwarded and applied as complete, then it will be cancelled.
• Complete Specification (CS) is to claim all the innovations in a single step directly without applying for provisional specification. In case earlier only provisional specification was applied, then to confirm all the claims submitted CS is again filled.

• The Patent filing Procedure Flowchart is shown below for better understanding.

Technology Transfer

Vel Tech has an array of technologies / IPR developed and are available for commercial exploitation through Technology Transfer, Licensing of IP, Start-up/Incubation, taking the idea forward through a commercial stage. Visit the technology transfer page for more details.

Visit the Technology Transfer Webpage


The IPR-Cell has registered under the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell-KAPILA Scheme (Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness). The scheme provides financial assistance to the faculty members of this institute for filing patent. So far twelve patents have been applied under this scheme.

IPR Events

The institute’s IPR Cell hosted a webinar on IPR-Awareness under the sponsorship of AICTE on 22nd June 2022. The webinar was conducted by Mr. Devendra Kumar Deshmukh, Examiner of Patents & Designs Intellectual Property Office – Chennai. The aim of the webinar was to sensitize and strengthen the IP ecosystem in educational institutes, thus creating a culture of systematically protecting new ideas, research, and innovation having national and global relevance.

Dr. Balasubramanian Esakki (Detailed Profile)

Robotics | UAV| 3D Printing | Control

Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Centre for Autonomous System Research (CASR)

‪Google Scholar:‪Balasubramanian Esakki – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Balasubramanian, Esakki – Author details – Scopus
Dr. M. Arulprakasajothi (Detailed Profile)

Thermal management | Energy storage

Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Centre for Thermal Management

‪Google Scholar:‪‪M. Arulprakasajothi – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Mahalingam, Arulprakasajothi – Author details – Scopus
Dr. S. Christopher (Detailed Profile)

Design of Pumps | Cavitation Studies | Solar Pumping

Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Centre for Solar Water Pumping

‪Google Scholar:‪Dr. Christopher Stephen – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Christopher, Stephen – Author details – Scopus
Dr. K. Jagajjanani Rao (Detailed Profile)

Green Nanotechnologies | Applied Biotechnology | Water Treatment| Multifunctional Materials

Associate Professor | Department of Biotechnology

Lead | Bio-Incubator Facility | C/o Center for Interfaces & Nanomaterials

‪Google Scholar:‪Dr. K Jagajjanani Rao – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Jagajjanani Rao, K. – Author details – Scopus
Dr. G. R. Kanagachidambaresan (Detailed Profile)

IoT | Expert systems

Professor | Department of CSE

Head | Centre for IoT and Expert Systems

‪Google Scholar:‪Kanagachidambaresan, G. R. – Author details – Scopus
Scopus ID:‪Kanagachidambaresan G.R – ‪Google Scholar
Dr. Kanak Kalita (Detailed Profile)

FEM | ML Metamodels | Optimization | MCDM

Assistant Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Centre for FEM and CFD Simulations

‪Google Scholar:Kalita, Kanak – Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Kalita, Kanak – Author details – Scopus
Dr. Kathiravan Arunkumar (Detailed Profile)

Photochemistry | Nanomaterials | Solar cells | Sensors

Associate Professor | Department of Chemistry

Head | Centre for Molecular Photoscience

‪Google Scholar:​Arunkumar Kathiravan – Google Scholar
Scopus ID:​Kathiravan, Arunkumar – Author details – Scopus
Dr. Mugesh Sankaranarayanan (Detailed Profile)

Biochemical Engineering | Metabolic Engineering | Synthetic Biology

Associate Professor | Department of Biotechnology

Head | Centre for Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology

‪Google Scholar:‪‪Mugesh Sankaranarayanan – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Sankaranarayanan, Mugesh – Author details – Scopus
Dr. R. Naren Shankar (Detailed Profile)

Supersonic Jet Mixing | Applied Gas Dynamics

Associate Professor | Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Head | Centre for Computational Aerodynamics and Shock Waves

‪Google Scholar:‪Naren Shankar – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Naren Shankar, R. – Author details – Scopus
Dr. D. Neelamegam (Detailed Profile)

Signal Processing | Spectroscopy | BIA | Bio-Medical Optics

Associate Professor | Department of ECE

Head | Centre for Biomedical Spectroscopy

‪Google Scholar:‪Dr. Neelamegam Devarasu – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Neelamegam, D. – Author details – Scopus Preview
Dr. Pavithra Ekambaram (Detailed Profile)

Material Characterization | Bellows | Metal Forming

Associate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Advanced Computing Laboratory

‪Google Scholar:‪Dr.E.Pavithra M.E., MBA, Ph.D., – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Pavithra, E. – Author details – Scopus
Dr. R. Prasanna (Detailed Profile)

Graphene | Antennas | Printed Electronics | Electronic Materials

Assistant Professor | Department of Electronics & Communication Engg.

Head | Centre for Antenna and Electronic Materials

‪Google Scholar:‪Dr.Prasanna Ram – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Ram, Prasanna – Author details – Scopus
Dr. A. S. Praveen (Detailed Profile)

3D printing of ceramics | Tribology | Thermal spray coating

Associate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Centre for Composite Research (CCR)

‪Google Scholar:Praveen A. S. – Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Praveen Ayyappan Susila – Author details – Scopus
Dr. D. Rajamani (Detailed Profile)

Additive manufacturing | Composite materials | Optimization

Associate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Centre for Autonomous System Research

‪Google Scholar:>‪D Rajamani – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:>Rajamani, D. – Author details – Scopus
Dr. R. Ravikumar (Detailed Profile)

Bioenergy and Bioproducts

Professor | Department of Biotechnology

Head | Center for Bioenergy and Bioproducts Developments

‪Google Scholar:‪‪Ravikumar Rajarathinam – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Ravikumar, R. – Author details – Scopus
Dr. Sachin Salunkhe (Detailed Profile)

Additive Manufacturing | Artificial Intelligence | Sheet Metal Dies | High Strain Rate

Associate Professor | Department of Mechanical Engineering

Head | Centre for Metal Forming

‪Google Scholar:Sachin Salunkhe – Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Sachin Salunkhe – Author details – Scopus
Dr. A. Selwin Mich Priyadharson (Detailed Profile)

Industrial Automation | Machine Learning | Image Processing & Process Control

Professor | Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Head | Centre for Industrial Automation

‪Google Scholar:‪Selwin Mich Priyadharson, A. – Author details – Scopus
Scopus ID:‪Dr. A. Selwin Mich Priyadharson – ‪Google Scholar
Dr. Tarangini Korumilli (Detailed Profile)

Food Science & Technology | Green Technologies | Applied Microbiology | Microbial Pigments | Biosorption

Assistant Professor | Department of Biotechnology

Head | Center for Biomaterials & Environmental Biotechnology

‪Google Scholar:‪Tarangini Korumilli – ‪Google Scholar
Scopus ID:Korumilli, Tarangini – Author details – Scopus

Research Space

Vel Tech promotes state-of-the-art multidisciplinary research among students and faculty members. Vel Tech Research Park houses well-established National facilities, Centres of Excellence, and Cutting – Edge Laboratories to promote research among students and faculty members. Vel Tech has received grants worth Rs 5000+ lakhs from diverse funding agencies such as DST, SERB, DBT, DST-NSTEDB, MeitY, DRDO, ISRO, CSIR, DST-CII-GITA, ICSSR, AICTE, TNSCST, CPRI, MSME, IE, and other International Collaborations (Indo – Taiwan, Indo – France, Indo – Canada, Indo – Korea). Sophisticated laboratories were established at Research Park in association with various organizations and industries. Over 20 research labs are fully functioning at Research Park with active Industry-Academia collaboration. To name a few, the Dassault System Lab, Centre for Autonomous System Research, 3D Printing and Scanning Lab, Cyber Security Lab, Artificial Intelligence Lab, and Green Synthesis and Novel Bio & Nanomaterials Lab.

Institute provides funds for filing provisional, complete specifications until the patent is granted. Seed grant is offered to the faculty members to perform preliminary research, procurement of research equipment, software, and other research activities. The research team of Vel Tech was involved in the development of UAVs in association with the University of Victoria, Canada, and Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea, for bridge inspection and water quality monitoring. Indo – France research collaboration focused on the development of Electric Bike. A high-speed bearing test facility developed with GTRE funding of 188 lakhs is well utilized for testing the bearing of HAL, CVRDE, and GE. 25 Research Projects worth more than Rs. 600 lakhs funded by DBT, DRDO, DST, ISRO, SERB, Central Power Research Institute, and TNSCST are ongoing. IPR cell has filed 141 patents, out of which 14 are granted, and 114 are published. Vel Tech received Rs. 180+ lakh from Non-Govt. agencies and Rs. 700+ lakh from Govt. agencies for the pursuit of Research in the last five years.

List of Research Centre

List of major equipment

List of major equipment

Research Policy

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