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Industry Relations

About Us

Vel Tech has a strong Institution-Industry Cell. This office has established Interactions with more than 3164 Industries / Institutes / Organizations and has 222 MoU Signed (45 MoU’s are Functional last five years) organizations for various Academic and Research Activities such as Joint Degree Programmes, In-Plant Trainings, Internships, Projects, R&D, Consultancy, Industry Recommended Electives, Curriculum Updates, Corporate Talk, Corporate Tour, Facility Creations, Value Added Courses etc. An inclusive practice of Vel Tech Industry Relations is the Industry-Institution Interaction, Partnership, and Collaboration.

Interning with good PSU’s, MNC’s, NGO’s and learning from their work culture is a dream for every Indian Student. AICTE Internships help Indian Students find internships they love and Organizations find best Interns on PAN India basis. Through its internship portal, AICTE has provided students with the perfect opportunity to emerge as a winner in these trying times. The website provides the perfect platform for students to put forth their skills & desires and for companies to place the intern demand.

Participating in AICTE- EduSkills Virtual Internship program,Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science &Technology is given AICTE Completion All India Rank as number :- *1(As per the number of Students Completed Course from your College) by Edu skill teams.(Email from Eduskill team with top 10 Ranking institutions with Vel Tech topping the list ) attached.

Contribution of Vel Tech Industry Relations

  • Makes available the updated database and profile of the companies (Large industries /MNCs/SMEs) and helps each student analyze and choose company of his specialization/interest for In-Plant Training/Student Projects.
  • Facilitates in curriculum improvement by way of periodical feedback and involving industry experts from the industries.
  • Organize events such as Hackathon / VISAI / International Conference etc. to inculcate a culture of product innovation and a mind-set of problem solving.
  • Work towards continuous improvement of faculty members by way of Faculty Training / Research and Consultancy/Training of employees in Industries.
  • Setting up Centre of excellence Facilities in collaboration with Government & Industries to promote Research Activities/Incubation Startups / Skill Development Programme (ASDC) etc.

Collaboration with Industry are made with the following objectives


Corporate Tour

  • The corporate tour is to provide an insight regarding internal working hierarchy of companies also it gives practical perspectives of work places
  • Acquaint Students with Emerging Technologies, work ethics
  • Exposure to better industrial and business practices in progressive economies.
AY No of Industries No of Students Benefited
2016-17 14 1448
2017-18 27 1261
2018-19 21 1087
2019-20 23 1038
2020-21* 0 0
2021-22* 0 0
2022-23 11 516
2023-24 15 610

* Due to Covid19 there was no progress

In-Plant Training

The overall aim and main objectives of the training for these students to get exposure to the best practices in Industries

  • Provide Hands on Experience in real-time industry processes.
  • Putting them in front of the real time technologies and technologists.
  • Foster cooperation of Industry & Institutes
AY No of Students  No of Industries
2016-17 472 76
2017-18 484 81
2018-19 462 54
2019-20 652 107
2020-21* Nil Nil
2021-22* Nil Nil
2022-23 125 11
2023-24 536 85

* Due to Covid19 there was no progress

Corporate Talk

Industry Relations invite eminent experts from Industries working on emerging technologies to share their experience and stimulate a learning attitude inside the students towards the course by connecting the fundamentals learned in the course with the real time scenario at the industry.

AY No of talks  No of Students attended
2017-18 21 856
2018-19 26 950
2019-20 14 801
2020-21 6 608
2021-22 5 483
2022-23 10 745
2023-24 11 1733

Mr. R.Rajesh

Deputy Manager – HR, R STALH PVT LTD

Mr. Pon Manivannan

Principal Technology leader, Head TSIC L&T Technology Services Ltd

Dr. P. Kanagavel

Director & Head National Institute of Wind Energy

Mr. P R Prasad

Group Captain Indian Airforce, Avadi

Specialized Credit Course

Industry Relations organize credit courses by eminent Professionals from Leading Industries on emerging and innovative topics to get an exposure on latest trends and technology with focus on career development, supplemental learning, lifelong learning, corporate eLearning & training.

AY No of credit course  No of Students earned credit
2017-18 22 458
2018-19 31 656
2019-20 29 936
2020-21 29 1463
2021-22 53 2718
2022-23 26 1199
2023-24 18 724


Project is an institutionalized process to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are provided with wide range of industry problem and a faculty for regular follow up till the desired results are achieved on project completion.

Benefits to students

  • Foster skills as sought by industries
  • Stipend during Internship.
  • Communication & managerial skills such as Teamwork, Leadership, Time Management.

Freshman Engineering – Corporate Tour

VISAI 2025 15th International Project Competition


Institute established Centre of excellence with advance equipment facilities in association with industry partners to take up cutting edge research/ deliver consultancy services/ Training to students. The following are the labs established in vel Tech with the support of Industry partners,

  1. Vehicle Control System Lab (In association with WABCO)
  2. Engine testing facility (In association with ARAI, TAFE, Greaves Cotton, and Ashok Leyland)
  3. 3D printing facility (In association with Stratsys & Altem technologies)
  4. AI Supercomputing facility (In association with Locuz and NVIDIA)
  5. PCB Assembly Unit (Auckam Turnkey Solutions)
  6. Production of Automobile Parts (ARCO Engineering)
  7. 3D Printing Lab (RP3D Products LLP)
  1. VISAI International Project Competition and Exhibition: Every year this project competition was conducted on 24h Feb (The birthday of our beloved Founder Chancellor). This year we are conducting the 12th edition of this event.

    VISAI 2022

  2. Smart India Hackathon: Hosted the Grand Finale of Smart India Hackathon (Software Edition 2019, Hardware Edition 2019, Software Edition 2020 and Internal Hackathons)
  3. Open Innovation Challenge focusing on AatmaNirbhar Bharat Abhiyan
  4. Industry Projects Competition, exclusively for the final year students undertaking industry projects
  5. 12th National Olympics: Theme – Shaping Future Mobility
  6. TAFE Idea Generation Workshop – Create new concept of self-adjusting mechanism in Tractor Braking system
  7. Bonjour India Easy Ride Prototype & Design Competition: Theme – Smart & Sustainable Transportation
  8. Industry Academia Summit 2020: Panel Discussion on the topic Industry – University Engagement post COVID19.
  9. International Student Car Competition, South Korea – Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science &Technology, Chennai, the only University from India won the Best of Best under the category “Creative Technology” for the second time in 2018 in the International Student Car Competition that was held on 18th and 19th May 2018 in South Korea.

Message from Dean Industry Relations

VEL TECH has signed more than 178 Memorandum of Understandings with various industries, which includes large industries / MNCs / SMEs and research institutes, nurturing an eco-system of Innovation /Research/Knowledge Transfer by bringing together the industries and the Academia. Vel Tech has a dedicated team of Faculty drawn from different disciplines to facilitate industry association with more than 3119 industries located all over India, enabling two-way flow of Knowledge & Resources. Industry relations identifies students and faculty matching the specific problems of the industries/ transforming the problems to Research initiative culminating in establishing an innovation hub of Industry Academia collaboration. Joint centre of excellence Facilities are created in collaboration with industries, promoting avenues for research initiatives for Faculty / Research Scholars in contemporary areas of Research for stronger impact.

Team Industry Relations

S.No Name of the Organisation Location
1 Anicha Digital Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Chennai
2 Boston IT Solutions (India) Private Ltd Bangalore
3 Brahmastra Aerospace Systems Chennai
4 Haritha Techlogix Chennai
5 India Pistons Limited Chennai
6 MedCuore Medical Solutions Pvt Ltd Chennai
7 Pentagon Rugged Systems (India) Private Limited Hyderabad
8 Pyroferous Technologies Chennai
9 Scermlind Healthcare Innovations Pvt Ltd Chennai
10 Vaayusastra Aerospace Private Limited Chennai
11 WindStream Energy Technologies India Pvt.Ltd Hyderabad
12 NVIDIA Graphics Private Limited Chennai
13 Sri Ramachandra University Chennai
14 UiPath Academic Alliance Chennai
15 Greaves cotton Limited Chennai
16 SAP India Private Limited Chennai
17 Automotive Research Association of India & Global Automotive Research Centre Pune & Chennai
18 Automotive Skills Development Council New Delhi
19 Dassault Systems France
20 T.I.M.E Education Chennai Pvt.Ltd Chennai
21 Automotive Research Association Of India Pune & Chennai
22 HMT Machine Tools Limited Bangalore
23 Modem Communication and Broadcast Systems Gujarat
24 National Insitute of Wind Energy, Chennai Chennai
25 Novateur Electrical & Digital Syatems Pvt Ltd Chennai
26 Schizophrenia Research Foundation Chennai
27 Wheels India Limited Chennai
28 Fluid Control Research Institute Palakkad
29 Rectifiers & electronics PVT LTD New Delhi
30 UCAL JAP Chennai
31 Wabco India Limited Chennai
32 Center for Development of Advanced computing PUNE
33 Francecol Technology Chennai
34 Kwality Photonics Pvt Ltd Hyderabad
35 Addison & Co. Ltd Chennai
36 National Small Industry Corporation Limited Hyderabad
38 Institute of Rail Transport New Delhi
39 Tractors And Farm Equipment Limited Chennai
40 Coimbatore Industrial Infrastructure Association Coimbatore
41 Keltron Limited Kerala
42 SAIL Ministry of Steel Govt of India Ranchi
43 Composite Technology Park Bangalore
44 Global Automotive Research Centre Chennai
45 The Central Institute of Road Transport PUNE

Industry Collaborated Programme

Sl. No. Industry Collaborated Programme Name of the collaborating Industry Duration
1 B.Tech Programmes in Mechanical Engineering (Specialization in Automobile Engineering) Automotive Research Association of India, Pune 4 Years
2 M.Tech Programmes in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles/ Powertrain Engineering Automotive Research Association of India, Pune 2 Years
3 M.Tech Programmes in IC Engines Automotive Research Association of India, Pune 2 Years
4 M.Tech Programmes in ECE (VLSI and Embedded System Design) Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune 2 Years
5 M.Tech Programmes in Automobile Engineering (Vehicle Engineering and Transport Management) Central Institute of Road Transport, Pune 2 Years
6 M.Tech Programmes in Measurement and Control Fluid Control Research Institute, Palakkad 2 Years
7 M.Tech Programmes in Automotive Mechatronics Global Automotive Research Centre, Chennai 2 Years
8 M.Tech Programmes in Aeronautical Engineering (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd, Chennai 2 Years

Industry Collaborative Research/ Consultancy

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