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Academic Research

Academic Research at Vel Tech aims to develop innovative solutions for the World’s most challenging predicaments, from addressing the energy needs of tomorrow to innovate for the future. The Research efforts are enhanced through creative collaborations with leading Research Institutions and consortia around the World.

Candidates can pursue Research in their respective Engineering or Science domains or also opt for interdisciplinary topics for Academic Research.

Admission of Doctoral (Ph.D.) level Programmes in Engineering and Technology/ Science / Law / Management / Arts for Academic Year 2022-23
BatchMonth & YearIssue of ApplicationLast Date for Submission of ApplicationEntrance ExaminationInterviewCertificate Verification and Admission


July 202201.04.202220.05.2022


January 202301.10.202220.11.202210.12.202221.12.202209.01.2023

All the programmes may be offered as full time or part time mode as decided by the Board, which is subject to change from year to year.

Full-Time Ph.D. Programme

  • Candidates under full-time mode are expected to do research work in the Campus and should be available during the working hours for curricular, co-curricular and related activities.
  • Stipend for all Full-Time Ph.D. Scholars : Rs. 20,000 per month(3 years)
  • Stipend for GATE / NET / SLET qualified : Rs. 25,000 per month(3 years)
  • Candidates who are working and want to pursue research in full-time mode should be sponsored by their employer and should avail leave during the research period or should get formally relieved from their duty to join the research programme.
  • Candidates who are sponsored by the AICTE under Quality Improvement Programme from Teachers of Engineering Colleges and who satisfy the eligibility conditions shall be eligible for full-time only, in the disciplines as notified in AICTE guidelines.
  • Candidates who are selected in the Fellowship programme of National or any recognised bodies and who satisfy the eligibility conditions as per the regulations are eligible for full-time studies in their respective disciplines.
  • Foreign nationals sponsored by the Government of India on any exchange programme and who satisfy the eligibility conditions as per the regulations are eligible for full-time study.

Part Time (Internal) Ph.D. Programme

  • Any faculty member of Vel Tech possessing the minimum prescribed qualifications and one year experience or as may be decided by the Board from time to time can apply in the prescribed form to work on a part-time basis for PhD degree.
  • Candidates with requisite qualifications working in research projects in Campus and selected by a selection committee constituted / approved by Vel Tech are eligible to register for Ph.D. after putting in at least six months of service in the project and the project should have a valid tenure of at least two years from the date of submission of application by the candidate.

Part Time (Extramural) Ph.D Programme

The candidates who seek admission under the following categories are considered to be under part time (Extramural) Ph.D programme

  • Candidates working as teachers in other PG and professional colleges in permanent positions and sponsored by their employers candidates sponsored by R&D organizations of following categories are eligible to apply to work on a part time basis for PhD degree and shall be called Part time extramural candidates.
  • Candidates working in industrial units/ R&D Departments / National Laboratories / Units of Government / Quasi Government or any other research laboratories which are recognized by Vel Tech to do collaborative research with Vel Tech and sponsored by the respective employer.
  • The extramural candidates has to submit the No Objection certificate stating that he/she is permitted to pursue studies on part time basis, before submission. Also the No Objection Certificate must further state that he/she is permitted to pursue studies on part time basis and that (i) his/her official duties will permit sufficient time for research, (ii) facilities for research are available at the place of work, (iii) he/she will be permitted to attend full time course work at Vel Tech for at least 6 months during his/her registration for the degree if the place of work is outside 50 km radius of Institution.

Their course work and all curricular, co-curricular activities and pre and co requisites shall be as determined by the advice of doctoral committee. In this mode, the candidates shall attend classes as prescribed by the Research Supervisor to complete courses as scheduled on any day including holidays and Sundays, along with Full time students or not as the case may be.

Conversion from one mode of study to the other shall not be permitted. However, the change will be permitted under extraordinary circumstances and by the approval of vice chancellor on recommendation of Dean-Research.

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