Biotechnology for Biological Wastewater Treatment

Generally, people think that Biotechnology cannot be used utilized in biological wastewater treatment plants except its useful only for research studies!! However, the fundamental nature of wastewater is highly dynamic due to the inherent complexity of microbial communities and their interactions in relation to predisposed environmental conditions.

3 June 2019

The popular science fiction books and movies showcase about the Androids (humanoid robots) like the Commander Data" in Star Trek which is competent in all its functions. Unlike the fictions, the real human aids are the Bio-robots which are used to replace the diseased body part of a soldier who lost an arm/leg in the battle or an athlete who lost a leg in an accident and many other such scenarios.

3 August 2018
kanavugal Making
Kanavugal – In the Making

Kanavugal (means Dreams) is a one-minute stop motion animation film produced by the students of Visual Communication and Multimedia. During the first two years of their study, students are trained in the nuances of fine arts, graphic design, story-telling, and photography.

16 July 2018
Hybrid Cars – The Latest Trend in the Automotive Industry

The best mode of transportation has always been the most sought after need of all time. From luxury vehicles to performance driven vehicles, are always on demand in the automotive industry. There are many versions of hybrid vehicles like for example a simple motorized-pedal bike (moped), diesel-electric buses, diesel-electric mining trucks and so on.

6 July 2018
The fun of a hectic day at college

I want to break free is the jargon generally used by young students on a hectic day. The madness of daily routine, copping up with the academic curricula and of course the hassle of being the top gear in every activity with the peer. Sometimes when the day is crazily loaded with work all that one wants to scream out is," I need my Me time ". Sometimes all that you seek is the fun time with friends.

30 June 2018
Be cautious when you build your resume!!! Your resume speaks of you.

It's a well known habit of most the youngsters to copy the resume of their peers and just tweak their personal and educational details. Let's look at this from a HR/recruiters perspective. The first thing a recruiter gets to know about you is through your resume.

11 May 2018
Are you an Emotionally Intelligent Engineer

More often an enterprising student is accessed through his/her level of IQ and expertise in technical knowledge, which acts as the qualifier to gain entry into the reputed organizations. Hard core training is offered to build the skill sets essential to help the student to be more prolific, purpose-driven and contribute better in their "to be assigned" roles.

3 February 2018
Fundamentals, Opportunities & Recent Advances

Raw data is being generated at a tremendous Volume and Velocity in a Variety of structured and unstructured formats, with Veracity concerns of quality and accuracy. Hence, the 4 V’s of Big Data. Those not making full use of the data that is generated intentionally or otherwise by the different organisations, apps, services, facilities, equipment etc.

28 December 2017
Cashless India a Boon or Bane

28 November 2017
Fascinating World of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing is a result of digitization and it has become widespread in recent years so much so that many refer to it as 3rd industrial revolution. It allows users to make things that would be almost impossible to make in a traditional machining environment.

27 November 2017