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Development of 3D printed patch antennas


  • Design and analysis of 433 MHz and 5.8 GHz patch antennas to enhance the communication range with minimal loss.
  • 3D printing of antenna structures using conductive filaments of ABS, PLA and Graphene and comparative performance measures of antenna characteristics.
  • Fabrication of patch antennas using screen printing and conventional PCB milling for comparison and analysis.
  • Measurement of composition, surface morphology and optical characteristics of fabricated antenna structures.
  • Indoor and outdoor field testing and comparative evaluation with existing antennas through using micro category UAVs.


  • Two microstrip 3D printed patch antennas having 433 MHz and 5.8GHz frequency of transmission for Micro UAV applications
  • Two patch antennas fabricated using screen printing and printed circuit board (PCB) based milling
  • Detailed design document for developing patch antenna structures including simulation results