Col.Prof.Vel. Dr.R. Rangarajan

Dear Vel Techians,

As the Chairman of your Alma Mater, I have always been extremely proud of your achievements. In fact, each one of us in Vel Tech has grown by leaps and bounds since you graduated from your Alma Mater. By incorporating the values of hard work, sincerity and discipline in the core of our operations, we have tried to inculcate these values in each one of you, and your juniors at the Vel Tech Institutions. As you are aware, the degree of competitiveness in professional education has changed in the last 24 years, for good. It is the essence of being able to adapt to this scenario and striving for quality that drives the institutional resources and processes towards the journey to excellence. The engineering and management education industry is greatly influenced by the industries to maintain the curriculum’s relevance within the changing socio-economic scenario.

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Vel Tech - Vice ChancellorMrs. Kasthuri

Mrs. Kasthuri. D, VT2358 and a graduate of the class of 2006 of glad Vel Tech Engineering College joined Vel Tech University as the Alumni Officer on 10.05.2015 and with 6 years experience is an asset for all graduated class 15000 drop from 2001 to 2021 (20 years graduated class). She is one who is solely committed to organizing Alumni Scholarship, Alumni meets, Alumni Interaction with Indian and NRI Alumni, and establishing connection with Alumni Higher Studies Abroad Graduated Class Business Visionaries, and making the graduated classes representatives of Vel Tech to other people. Every alumnus is a central correspondence channel to collaborate with the graduated class about the development and updates in the institution.

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Vel Tech Alumni

Every moment in life teaches you something, the zest of learning from the moments keeps you inspired for the next big moment.

The big moment has come. The big moment is now. We the Vel Techians, we are coming together for our annual celebration of our beloved alumnus. It’s the time to meet your loved pals, next bench buddies and faculty friends.

To cherish the moments of old times, the missed classes, the bunked moments, confusing laboratories, rundown corridors and the hunger quenching canteens. Take some time to visit the lovely moments you had in your life time. We have organized the most expected moment of yours. This time it’s in a different way as it never used to be. We have something for everyone, so does your beloved family. We cordially invite you and your family members for our periodical alumni meet on January 26 of every year. We have our departmental coordinators to make you feel at home. We are awaiting your presence in Vel Tech to witness the altitudes you have reached in life.

1Dr. S. SalivahananVice Chancellor , Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
2Dr. V. S. HemaKumarHead- Planning , Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
3Dr.E.KannanRegistrar, Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
4Dr. KavithaAssociate Professor , Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
5Ms.Kasthuri.DAsst Professor, Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
6Dr. SasikalaAssociate Professor , Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
7Dr. ShilpaLife india Corporation , chennai
8Mr. Vinoth RajagopalanManager , Emphasis
9Mr. ArunEntreprenuer, Vibexo Technologies
10Mr. Pethu KrishnanSoftware Analyst, Verizon
11Atmakuri Sravan KumarProject Engineer, Wipro
12Ms. Y. V. L. PravallikaDeveloper , Wipro
13Ms.Aishwarya Gowda A GResearcher at National Formosa University
14Mr. DineshManager , Ace Micromatic tools

Alumni Giving

Vel Tech University today is a global leader among major research universities—and philanthropy plays a tremendous part in its success. Your participation matters at VelTech University. Here’s why…

As alumni, you can choose to contribute in the following categories:

  • Infrastructure – A vital infrastructure (classrooms, labs, dorms, sports facilities, and so on) is the trademark of every good institution, which is why it is a key factor in all prominent educational rankings.
  •  Tuition assistance – This is meant to allow deserving students to pursue an education at Vel Tech despite a lack of financial means. Donors will be allowed to name a scholarship if their gift is large enough to cover a student’s whole academic career.

           Institute corpus – This is the institute’s everlasting endowment. The money donated to this category will be invested, and only the interest earned will be used to fund the institute’s top goals. This ensures that the institute receives a continuing benefit from the donation rather than a one-time benefit. Endowments are a cost-effective approach to invest in greater research, education, and people without increasing student prices.

Batch wise contributions can also be made to name different spaces in the institute.

For payment options and to give back,


A/c Number: 75330200000215

MICR CODE: 600012112

IFSC CODE: BARB0VJVELT (5th character ‘0’ is Zero)

Alumni Reunion(1997-2001)

Association Registration Certificate & By-laws

Alumni Registration Form

Alumni feedback form


Alumni associations strive to bring like-minded people together. Alumni programmes are available to all graduates and provide a larger networking opportunity. Joining your institution’s alumni organization is a fantastic method to get a foot in the door if you’re about to graduate in a few months or have recently completed your degree. Check with your department’s alumni coordinators to discover what networking opportunities are available.

1Ms. Vijayalakshmi
2Mr. P. B. Senthilkumar2213AUTO+91 96299
3Dr. Gunasekaran. K2747BBA & B.COM+91 80568
4Ms. Sumathi R3402Commerce & Business
5Mr. Manikandan N K2065CSE+91 89401
Ms. D. G. S. Nivedha3045CIVIL+91
7Mr. M.R.Ezilarasan2510ECE+91 94456
8Mr.Thanigaivel.K2512EEE+91 99447
9Mrs. Jayanthi K2533IT+91 88834
10M. Felisiya2775MBA+91 75501
11Mr. D Rajesh2273MECH+91 87545


Every moment in life teaches you something, the zest of learning from the moments keeps you inspired for the next big moment. No one knows Vel Tech better than the legacy of Vel Tech. Every year at Alumni meet and greets, many many alumni, both young and old, from far and near, return to our campus to catch up and share stories. However, every year there are several alumni who do not need to travel at all in order to attend alumni weekend because they now call Vel Tech home. They understand what makes this place unique, and they want future Vel Techians to feel the same way. These honorary and illustrious in-house Alumni are mentioned below.

1Mrs.Rangarajan Mahalakshmi KishoreMrs.Rangarajan Mahalakshmi KishorePG- VTUALL CAMPUSChairperson and Managing Trustee9940024006
2MTS 516Dr. P. K. MANIPh.D VTUVTMTEEE12Assoc. ProfessorTeaching5-Jun-0620 Y46928Ph.D6374337207
3TTS 277Dr.M.KAVITHAUG -VT, PG- VTMT , PH.D – VTUVTUCSE12ProfessorTeaching5-Jun-0218 Y, 10 M104303Ph.D9894019619
4TTS 369Dr.G.SASIKALAPH.D – VTU PG – VTVTUECE21ProfessorTeaching2-Jun-0317 Y, 10 M104303Ph.D8610651649
5TTS 475Dr.V.S.HEMAKUMARUG -VT, PH.D – VTUVTUECE5Assoc. Prof. / PS TO VCTeaching7-Apr-0417 Y, 1 M97440Ph.D7338803050
6MTS 738Dr. S. MUTHU KUMARPh.D VTUVTMTMECH12Assoc. ProfessorTeaching5-Jun-0816 Y81783Ph.D9486883210
7MTS 383Dr.KARTHIKEYAN.APG – VTUVTMTECE19Asso ProfTeaching17-Aug-0515 Y, 8 M79506Ph.D9840434216
8MTS 444Dr.PRABHU. VUG – VTMT, PG – VTUVTMTECE16Asso ProfTeaching29-Nov-0515 Y, 5 M76055Ph.D9840110712
9TTS 637Dr. DORA PRAVINA C.T.PH.D – VTUVTUMATHS5Assoc. ProfessorTeaching20-May-0515 Y, 11 M51404M.Phil9566204250
10TTS 807Dr.N.DILIP RAJAPH.D – VTUVTUMECH23Assoc. ProfessorTeaching7-Jan-0615 Y, 3 M62564Ph.D9884590601
11TTS 952Dr.C.RAJKUMARPH.D – VTUVTUMECH15Assoc. ProfessorTeaching15-Nov-0614 Y, 5 M70000Ph.D8056076774
12TTS 985Dr.C.MAHESHPH.D – VTUVTUIT19ProfessorTeaching3-Jan-0714 Y, 3 M105215Ph.D7338803042
13TTS 1090Dr.D.KANAGAJOTHIPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS5Assoc. ProfessorTeaching3-Sep-0713 Y, 7 M41305Ph.D9840590604
14TTS 1084Dr.VISWANATH. JPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS13ProfessorTeaching6-Sep-0713 Y, 7 M73188Ph.D9884809168
15HTS 352Dr.J.VELMURUGANUG-VTMTVTHTIT23Asso ProfTeaching2-Jun-0812 Y, 10 M60087Ph.D9941450876
16TTS 1244Dr.M.RAJEEV KUMARPH.D – VTUVTUCSE12Assoc. ProfessorTeaching8-Nov-0812 Y, 5 M90000Ph.D9894454284
17HTS 445SAKTHIVEL. SPG VTUVTHTCSE4Asst ProfTeaching7-Jan-0912 Y, 3 M41573M.Tech99946 67183
18TTS 1265SURRYA PRAKASH. DPG-VTUVTUMECH18Assoc. ProfessorTeaching16-Feb-0912 Y, 2 M46872M.Tech9940105566
19HTS 124Dr.SIVA PERUMAL SUG-VT, PG-VT, PH.D – VTUVTUECE27Dean R&D, Dean Int. Rel / ProfessorTeaching31-May-0911 Y, 10 M152461Ph.D9600040255
20TTS 1303DR.R.SRINIVASANPH.D – VTUVTUCSE17ProfessorTeaching1-Jul-0911 Y, 9 M90000Ph.D9840219515
21TTS 1315DR.KOTEESWARAN. SPH.D – VTUVTUCSE45DEAN – Research Studies / ProfessorTeaching13-Jul-0911 Y, 9 M111768Ph.D9884378785
22TTS 1323VIGNESH PRASANNA . NPG-VTUVTUECE4Assoc. ProfessorTeaching20-Jul-0911 Y, 9 M48346M.E9965432447
23TTS 1363Dr.S.JAYAVELUPH.D – VTUVTUMECH18Assoc. ProfessorTeaching12-Aug-0911 Y, 8 M60000Ph.D9382604101
24MTS 962K.SARAVANANPG – VTUVTMTECE6Asst ProfTeaching4-Jan-1011 Y, 3 M39750M.E9894063226
25HTS 556SHANMUGA PRIYA. SPG VTUVTHTCSE21Asst ProfTeaching27-Jan-1011 Y, 3 M29683M.Tech9094623070
26HTS 562Dr.S.HARSHAVARDHANPh.D VTUVTHTEEE11Asso ProfTeaching23-Feb-1011 Y, 2 M72888Ph.D9840688260
27MTS1454P.VENKATESANPG-VTMTVTMTCSE3Asst ProfTeaching1-Mar-1011 Y, 1 M37682M.E9994365022
28MTS 955VIDYA. KUG-VTMTVTMTEEE5Asst ProfTeaching31-Mar-1011 Y, 0 M45428M.E9790900621
29TTS 1501DR.SURESH. RPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS39ProfessorTeaching1-Jul-1010 Y, 9 M73188Ph.D9003435320
30TTS 1435Dr.R.KAVITHAPH.D – VTUVTUCSE11ProfessorTeaching1-Jun-1010 Y, 10 M96960Ph.D8610236880
31HTS 593PRADEEP KATTAPG VTUVTHTEEE8Asst ProfTeaching1-Jun-1010 Y, 10 M40482M.E9959145143
32HTS 584SIVASARAVANABABU. SPG VTUVTHTECE16Asst ProfTeaching1-Jun-1010 Y, 10 M39682M.E9944700708
33MTS 1022DHANANJEYANPG-VTUVTMTEEE3Asst ProfTeaching14-Jun-1010 Y, 10 M33195M.E9488013767
34TTS 1498Dr.J.NARESH KUMARPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS8Assoc. ProfessorTeaching22-Jun-1010 Y, 10 M48720Ph.D9894809569
35TTS 1613Dr.M.VENKATASUDHAKARPH.D – VTUVTUMECH17Assoc. ProfessorTeaching1-Jun-119 Y, 10 M60000Ph.D9445385296
36TTS 1628Dr.J.M.BABUPH.D – VTUVTUMECH16Assoc. ProfessorTeaching1-Jun-119 Y, 10 M99280Ph.D9884827012
37TTS 1643Dr.M.REGANPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS6Asst. ProfessorTeaching1-Jun-119 Y, 10 M41305Ph.D9952686867
38DDD 18T.RAMESH KUMARPG-VTUVTHTEEE7Asst ProfTeaching06-10-119 Y, 10 M45574M.E8754484372
39ATS 468V.SHALINIUG – ARTS, PG-VTMTARTSBCA6Asst ProfTeaching03-10-119 Y,9 M19000M.Tech9003584980
40MTS 1517SENTHIL KUMAR. VPG VTUVTMTECE3Asst ProfTeaching9-Jun-119 Y, 9 M30592M.E9600534027
41NTS 857DILLIBABU. GUG-VTVTUDINT OFFICENILProject AssociateNon Teaching15-Feb-129 Y, 2 M19642B.E8754484206
42TTS 1836SENTHIL KUMARAN. BPG- VTUVTUECE9Asst. ProfessorTeaching26-Sep-128 Y, 7 M48279M.Tech9840339872
43TTS 1863Dr.P.CHANDRA KUMARUG- VT, PG- VTU, PH.D – VTUVTUMECH5Dean Ind. Rel / Assoc. ProfessorTeaching26-Mar-138 Y, 1 M102059Ph.D9600040254
44TTS 1851AMBIKA BHUVANESWARI. CPG-VTMTVTUECE5Asst. ProfessorTeaching26-Mar-138 Y, 1 M42544M.E9677223602
45TTS 1850VINSON JOSHUA. SPG-VTUVTUECE11Asst. ProfessorTeaching26-Mar-138 Y, 1 M48279M.E9841908844
46TTS 1962Dr.K.SATHISH KUMARPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS7Asst. ProfessorTeaching26-Jul-137 Y, 9 M41305Ph.D9600532780
47TTS 1985DR.R.JAGANRAJPH.D – VTUVTUAERO8HOD AERO / Assoc. ProfessorTeaching5-Feb-147 Y, 2 M90480Ph.D7338803046
48TTS 1981Dr.G.DHARMALINGAMPH.D – VTUVTUMECH16Asst. ProfessorTeaching5-Feb-147 Y, 2 M60000Ph.D9600329226
49TTS 2016THILIPKUMAR. CPG-VTUVTUEEE1Asst. ProfessorTeaching26-Mar-147 Y, 1 M38934M.Tech8189878851
50TTS 2039VINOTH KUMAR. RPG-VTUVTUCSE9Asst. ProfessorTeaching23-May-146 Y, 11 M42485M.Tech9655262691
51TTS 2082Dr.K. RAJAPH.D – VTUVTUMECH10Asst. ProfessorTeaching4-Jun-146 Y, 10 M60000Ph.D9003366973
52TTS 2103Dr.K.KARTHIKPH.D – VTUVTUMECH31Asst. ProfessorTeaching16-Jun-146 Y, 10 M60000Ph.D8124400431
53TTS 2024DILEEPAN. DPG- VTUVTUECE10Asst. ProfessorTeaching2-Jun-146 Y, 10 M46938M.Tech9444464716
54TTS 2081DURAIRAJ. KUG-VTVTUIT6Asst. ProfessorTeaching23-Jun-146 Y, 10 M43760M.Tech8754416295
55HTS 1088LATHA. RPG VTMTVTHTIT15Asst ProfTeaching06-26-146 Y, 10 M21500M.E7639689315
56HTS 1078Dr.N.DURAICHIPG-VTVTHTECE10Asso ProfTeaching23-Jun-146 Y, 10 M60087Ph.D9884442608
57TTS 2156Dr.CARMEL MARY BELINDAPH.D – VTUVTUCSE24ProfessorTeaching26-Oct-146 Y, 6 M104303Ph.D9486110685
58TTS 2155Dr.P.SARANYAPH.D – VTUVTUENG2Asst. ProfessorTeaching19-Nov-146 Y, 5 M41305Ph.D9840819488
59HTS 1132DAYA FLORANCE DPG VTMTVTHTIT12Asst ProfTeaching02-20-156 Y, 2 M23350M.E7418982221
60TTS 2208SANMUGA SUNDARAM. RPG- VTUVTUECE9Asst. ProfessorTeaching29-Jun-155 Y, 10 M43760M.Tech9445727345
61MTS1651P.SATHISH KUMARUG-VTMTVTMTCSE4Asst ProfTeaching26-May-164 Y, 11 M27660M.E9790100949
62TTS 2353SALEEM NAVAZPG-VTUVTUKRCNILAssoc. ProfessorNon Teaching28-Jun-164 Y, 10 M48759Ph.D9578303084
63MTS1712D.YUVARAJUG-VTHTVTMTCIVIL5Asst ProfTeaching2-Mar-174 Y, 1 M27672M.Tech9940270826
64MTS 1849MADHAVI. SUG-VTMTVTMTIT0Asst ProfTeaching5-Feb-204 Y, 1 M23850M.E7708432597
65TTS 2511Dr.RAJAMANI. DPH.D – VTUVTUMECH27Assoc. ProfessorTeaching27-Jun-173 Y, 10 M90480Ph.D9159150299
66TTS 2510EZILARASAN.M.RUG-VTVTUECE3Asst. ProfessorTeaching28-Jun-173 Y, 10 M32260M.E9445678702
67HTS 1370K.S.RANIUG-VT, PG-VTMTVTHTEEE5Asso ProfTeaching07-10-173 Y, 9 M30100M.E9710625224
68TTS 2541Dr.N. VIJAYARAJPH.D – VTUVTUCSE6Assoc. ProfessorTeaching4-Aug-173 Y, 8 M90000Ph.D9994446429
69MTS1764VENITHA EPG – VTMTVTMTCSE3Asst ProfTeaching3-Nov-173 Y, 5 M22350M.Tech9442308743
70TBI 006CHEVURU ABHIMANYUPG-VTUVTUTBINILTechnical SupportNon Teaching2-Feb-183 Y, 2 M15000M.Tech8332929536
71NTS 1295ASHOK KUMAR. CUG-VTVTUDRD OFFICENILExecutive AssistantNon Teaching11-Apr-183 Y, 0 M20000B.E9597712334
72TTS 2719Dr.J.MOHANRAJPG- VTUVTUECE6Assoc. ProfessorTeaching1-Jun-182 Y, 10 M90000Ph.D9894656562
73ATS 483HEMALATHA.DUG – ARTSARTSBBA5Asst ProfTeaching06-27-182 Y, 10 M15600MBA7338712750
74HTS 1409I. SRIDEVIPG VTUVTHTCHEMICAL4Asst ProfTeaching26-Oct-182 Y, 6 M70000M.Tech9445568802
75TTS 2780SREELAKSHMY. RPG- VTU, PH.D – VTUVTUECE4Asst. ProfessorTeaching26-Dec-182 Y, 4 M40058M.E9946833790
76TTS 2827MUTHARASAN. APG-VTUVTUECE8Asst. ProfessorTeaching27-May-191 Y, 11 M46938M.Tech9884256250
77TTS 2828MEENA. APG-VTUVTUECE1Asst. ProfessorTeaching27-May-191 Y, 11 M31320M.Tech9092108656
78HTS 1438Dr.SELVARANI. PPh.D VTUVTHTCSE9Asst ProfTeaching1-Jul-191 Y, 9 M33071Ph.D9566691197
79MTS1834NAZREEN BANU.APG-VTMTVTMTIT0Asst ProfTeaching18-Dec-191 Y, 4 M21600M.E9791635782
80HTS 1457K.JAYA PRASANTHMCA VTHTVTHTMCA2Asst ProfTeaching12-26-191 Y, 4 M18000MCA9952953455
81TTS 2956Dr.R. KALAPH.D – VTUVTUMATHS3Asst. ProfessorTeaching27-Jan-201 Y, 3 M41305Ph.D9944623962
82TTS 2953Dr.B.SATHYASRIPG-VTUVTUECE8Assoc. ProfessorTeaching27-Jan-201 Y, 3 M60000Ph.D8939274887
83TTS 3043MURUGAN. CPG-VTUVTUECENILAsst. ProfessorTeaching27-Jan-201 Y, 3 M27483M.Tech9600751080
84TTS 2959JANANI. PPG-VTUVTUECE2Asst. ProfessorTeaching27-Feb-201 Y, 2 M31320M.Tech7550239650
85TTS 3115SHAJU. N.SPG-VTUVTUDIND OFFICENILAsst. ProfessorNon Teaching26-Feb-201 Y, 2 M25000M.Tech9042559778
86TTS 3108JAYARAJ PANDIAN. RPG-VTUVTUDIND OFFICENILAsst. ProfessorNon Teaching26-Feb-201 Y, 2 M25000M.Tech9789040095
87TTS 3109SETHURAM. VPG-VTUVTUDINT OFFICENILAsst. ProfessorNon Teaching26-Feb-201 Y, 2 M25000M.Tech7338808800
88MTS1865ANNIE SILVIYA S.HPG-VTMTVTMTCSE3Asst ProfTeaching26-Feb-201 Y, 2 M23100M.E9940931022
89MTS 1855Dr. M. KARTHIKEYANPh.D VTUVTMTEEE6Asst ProfTeaching26-Feb-201 Y, 2 M64478Ph.D9952052439
90MTS 1872K.RAJALAKSHMIPG-VTMTVTMTEEE0Asst ProfTeaching26-Feb-201 Y, 2 M21600M.E9566578566
91TTS 3161KASTHURI. DUG-VTVTUECE / ALUMNI OFFICERNILAsst. ProfessorNon Teaching26-Aug-200 Y, 8 M40000M.E9677763280
92MTS1876MUTHUSELVIUG-VTMT, PG-VTMTVTMTCSE0Asst ProfTeaching17-Aug-200 Y, 8 M21600M.E6381969896
93HTS 1517AJAY VALLIAPPA. APG VTUVTHTMECH1Asst ProfTeaching08-12-200 Y, 8 M21600M.Tech8220345083
94HTS 1503HANISHAUG VTHTVTHTBIOTECH1Asst ProfTeaching08-05-200 Y, 8 M21600M.Tech9944569483
95TTS 3189VINOTH KUMAR. PPG-VTMTVTUCSE3Asst. ProfessorTeaching28-Nov-200 Y, 6 M45223M.E7200221122
96MTS 1877NANDHINI. GUG-VTMTVTMTMECH0Asst ProfTeaching18-Dec-200 Y, 4 M21600M.E9499922954
97TTS 3229JABISHA ARULUG-VTHT, PG-VTMTVTUIT/ ALUMNI OFFICER1Asst. ProfessorNon Teaching02-26-210 Y, 2 M25000M.Tech9840730058
98MTS 1926THIYAGARAJAN MUG-VTMTVTMTCSE1Asst ProfTeaching19-Feb-210 Y, 2 M21600M.Tech9500616626
99MTS 1931NAGENDIRAN.SUG-VTMTVTMTCSBS0Asst ProfTeaching11-Feb-210 Y, 2 M21600M.E9840577071


P.Sharath Chandra,

2001 Batch

VT 99

Wells Fargo

Business System Consultant



Mr.  Dinesh Kumar K

VT 404

Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt Ltd

SR Engineer Marketing



Mr. Vinoth Rajagopal

VT 1819

Project Manager




Vivek Seshan


2007 batch

Sr Member




Shilpa V

VT 3132

2008 batch




Mr. Arun

Vt 3784

Bizdata Technologies Pvt Ltd

Senior Account Manager



Jayaram G

2013 batch

Silverlabs Technologies Pvt Ltd

Quality  Assurance




Ms. K.Sudha

VT 2422

2006  Batch

Asst. Professor




Mr. Balaji S

2005 batch

Cambium Networks

Senior Technical Lead



Aishwarya Gowda. A.G

2018 batch

Electrical & Networking Engineering

National Formosa University



Ms. V Meenakshi

VT 1048

2004 batch




Ms. Nandhini

2013 Batch

Research Assistant

Upper Changi



Mr. Alok Pandey

Vt 3435

2016 Batch

Royal cyber Inc

Software engineer



Mr. Kuldeep Yadav

VT 5546

2011 Batch

Sales Manager – Airbus Helicopters

New Delhi


Established in 1997, the Vel Tech Alumni Association fosters a lifelong bond between the institute and its alumni. Through a variety of events, programming, and services, the Alumni Association aims to connect alumni, support students, and create an exceptional Institute experience in conjunction with an immensely dedicated volunteer Board of Directors. The Association’s aim is to foster bonds between alumni, students, and the institute in order to keep alumni informed and build a network that allows them to stay connected to their alma mater and help define its future. Alumni are the University’s most enduring legacy and most powerful voice.

The Association’s main duty is to come up with innovative ways to engage its members. Joining the Vel Tech Alumni Association is one of the simplest ways to reconnect with the Institute, contribute back to it, and act as a springboard for future involvement. The Institute and its graduates benefit from having an active and involved alumni network. Our graduates make a difference to the University whether they interact with the Institute or its student body, attend events, work with the Institute on various Legacy projects, or serve as volunteers. The Alumni Association is always looking for new ways to better serve alumni by offering social, educational, and professional experiences that appeal to a wide range of people.

Alumni Year wise strength

Over the last 20 years, the Vel Tech Alumni Association has evolved into a diversified professional network of more than members. Our Alumni community is formed by a prestigious group of industry experts who work in MNCs in the private sector, administration, academia, research, and government organisations.


Whether it’s remembering those glory days in a dorm room, in the classrooms, studying abroad, or having a delicious meal in the dining hall, emotions and memories may run the gamut when it comes to nostalgia for college. These fond recollections motivate an alumna, or alumnus, to attend Alumni activities and reflect on their college years. Read these testimonials from various members of our Alumni Association to take a journey down memory lane.


Just before the COVID-19 lockdown in India,

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VT/VTU NO: 3764
ORGANISATION: Cognizant Technology Solutions

It gives me immense pleasure in sharing my experience at Vel Tech.

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VT/VTU NO: 112
ORGANISATION: University of applied sciences in Hof, Germany
DESIGNATION: Master student

I am Ashokkumar Mahalingam, and I am proud to say

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NAME OF THE ALUMNI: Balaji Ramaswamy N
DEPT: Automobile Engineering
DESIGNATION: English language trainer

I graduated from Vel Tech in 2012.

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Alumni Name: Guru Vignesh R
B.Tech(Mechanical), Veltech University
2014-2018 Batch
Designation: Associate Software Engineer
Organization: Accenture, Chennai

Vel Tech University boasted of high class

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Alumni Name: Vikash Goyal
B.Tech |Automobile Engineering
Laurea Magistrale Student | MS | Mobility Engineering
Department of Industrial and Information Engineering
Politecnico Di Milano, ITALY

First of all, I am very thankful to Vel Tech Deemed University

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NAME OF THE ALUMNI: Avinash Kumar Baranwal
VT/VTU NO: 1907
DEPT: Electrical & Electronics Engineering
ORGANISATION: Tech India Electrosolutions Pvt. Ltd.
DESIGNATION: Sr. Electrical Engineer ( Project & Sales Department)

It is my pleasure to place on record the wonderful years

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Name Of The Alumni: Himanshu Kumar
Year Of Graduation: 2014
Vtu No: 1274
Dept: Mechanical Engineering
Organisation: Indian Institute Of Technology Jammu
Designation: Ph.D. Scholar

It give me immense pleasure to say with pride

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Alumni Name: Chukkana Vamsi Ganapathi Raju.
VTU NO: VTU 5823
2018 pass out,
ECE department

First of all, I am very thankful to Vel Tech Deemed University

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Alumni Name: Nikhil Kumar
Batch: 2016-2018
Department: Civil Engineering

I am Nikhil Kumar, an alumnus of Vel Tech

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Alumni Name: Abhishek B
VTU No: VTU7002
Reg. No.: 16UECD0078
Organization: Capgemini

I can proudly say that Vel Tech

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Alumni Name: Ashutosh Gupta
Batch: B.Tech (2014 -2018)
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Vel Tech, a place which gave me tons of cherished moments

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Alumni Name: K Madhan Raj
Department: MBA
Batch: 2017

In my college life, along with study

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Name Of The Alumni: Balaji Vishwanath T
Year Of Graduation: 2010
Vt/Vtu No: Vtc548
Dept: Mca
Organisation: Tech Mahindra
Designation: Technical Manager

It is my pleasure to place on note about those wonderful years

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Alumni Name: Ashish Kumar
VTU No: 2590
Batch: 2015
Department: ECE
Organization: TCS
Designation: Performance Test Engineer

Vel Tech University has been a great contributor

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Alumni Name: Ashish Kumar
VTU No: 2590
Batch: 2015
Department: ECE
Organization: TCS
Designation: Performance Test Engineer

Vel Tech had done a splendid job

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Alumni Name: Ganesh K
Dept : EEE
VT: NO: 2628
Year: 2007
Company : LTI
Designation: Senior Project Manager
Note: College First & Anna University Sixth

I’m Ganesh K from the 2007 batch , EEE department

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Alumni Name: Hitesh Kumar Rana
Department: Mechanical Engineer
Batch: 2015-19
Designation: Product Manager
Organization: KloudOne

Being part of new beginnings is always special

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Name Of The Alumni: Nishek Kumar
Year Of Graduation: 2015
Vt/Vtu No: Vtu 2845
Dept: Mechanical
Organisation: Siemens Energy Ltd
Designation: Mechanical Developer

Whenever you interact with someone

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Name Of The Alumni: Kumar Manglam
Year Of Graduation: 2020
Vt/Vtu No: Vtu7977
Dept: Mechanical Department

Vel Tech has a great program called CDIO

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Alumni Name: K.Sakthivel
VT NO: 3095
Year of Passing: 2004-2008
Dept: ECE

VT has taught me so much

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Vel Tech Student Alumni Relations Committee (VSARC)

Vel Tech Student Alumni Relations Committee (VSARC) is an active student body that builds and maintains alumni relations with the alumni of the college. VSARC seeks to reach, serve and engage more than 12000 Vel Tech alumni across the globe; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional bond between the organization and its alma mater and to provide the students with the opportunity to connect with alumni across the globe.
The office and its committee aims at re-connecting significantly more alumni and students to the institute through their participation in the On-campus meets, Off-campus meets, and other alumni activities, and focuses on developing far-reaching synergies across the traditional and emerging alumni engagement programs at the institute and the Alumni Association.


The Vel Tech Alumni Association understands that many students want to remain connected to their Alma Mater, or associate a part of their identity with the university even after graduation. As a result, they continue to provide former students with opportunities to maintain their ties to the university through National and International Alumni Meets hosted by the various chapters of the association. Mentioned below are some of the Alumni Association meets conducted by various chapters over the years.

1) International Meet at – France, Berlin & Frankfurt – Germany, Singapore, Hsinchu & Tainan – Taiwan, New Jersey USA ( All states).
2) Conducted National Alumni meet at Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.
3) ANNUAL ALUMNI Meet – Conducting once in every year on Jan 26 th with the highest number of members, 450 to 500 alumni attending the event in college campus Every year.
4) Virtual Alumni Meet: In this pandemic, Virtual meet USA Chapter, 48th Annual Alumni Meet (Virtual), Decennial Celebration– Class of 2010, freshers’ Orientation Program, Virtual Meet Class of 2013.

  1. Virtual Alumni Meet – Class of 2013 – 23rd MAY 2021
  2. Virtual Alumni Meet – USA Chapter -13th MARCH 2021
  3. 48th Annual Alumni Meet (Virtual) – 23rd JAN 2021
  4. Decennial Celebration (Virtual Alumni Meet) – Class of 2010 – 19th DEC 2020
  5. freshers’ Orientation Program – 1st OCT 2020 to 10th OCT 2020
  6. Virtual Alumni Meet – Class of 2013 -16th AUG 2020
  7. Virtual Alumni Meet – Class of 2013 -15th AUG 2020
  8. Quindecennial Celebration of 2005 @ UNITED STATES – 1st FEB 2020
  9. 47th Alumni Meet @ Vel Tech Deemed University Campus – 25th JAN 2020
  10. International Alumni meet – Hsinchu, Taiwan – 11th DEC 2019
  11. International Alumni meet – Tainan, Taiwan – 8th DEC 2019
  12. National Alumni meet – Pune Chapter  – 7th DEC 2019
  13. National Alumni meet – Delhi Chapter  – 23rd NOV 2019
  14. National Alumni meet – Bangalore chapter  – 14th SEP 2019
  15. Decennial Celebration of 2009 – 27th JULY 2019
  16. Quindecennial Celebration of 2004 – 22nd JUNE 2019
  17. International Alumni Meet @ Frankfurt, Germany – 6th APRIL 2019
  18. International Alumni Meet @ Berlin, Germany – 7th APRIL 2019
  19. International Alumni Meet @ France, Paris – 30th MARCH 2019
  20. Annual Alumni meet @ Vel Tech  Deemed University Campus – 26th JAN 2019
  21. Decennial Celebration of 2008 – 8th DEC 2018
  22. International Alumni meet – Taiwan   – 24th NOV 2018
  23. National Alumni meet – Hyderabad Chapter – 27th OCT 2018
  24. International Alumni meet – SINGAPORE CHAPTER – 3rd JUNE 2018
  25. International Alumni meet – USA New Jersey Chapter  – 26th MAY 2018
  26. National Alumni meet – Bangalore chapter  – 19th APRIL 2018
  27. Annual Alumni meet @ Vel Tech Deemed University Campus – 26th JAN 2018
  28. Delhi Chapter – 19th AUG 2017
  29. Pune Chapter – 26th AUG 2017
  30. Hyderabad Chapter – 27th MAY 2017
  31. Decennial Celebration – 2007 Reunion – 22nd APRIL 2017
  32. Annual Alumni meet @ Vel Tech  Deemed University Campus – 26th JAN 2017
  33. Bangalore Chapter – 20th AUG 2016
  34. Decennial Celebration – 2006 Reunion – 29th MAY 2016
  35. Annual Alumni meet @ Vel Tech  Deemed University Campus – 26th JAN 2016
  36. Second batch – 2002 Reunion – 2nd OCT 2015
  37. First batch – 2001 Reunion – 30th MAY 2015
  38. Annual Alumni meet @ Vel Tech  Deemed University Campus – 26th JAN 2015

Alumni meet(2015-2021)

VelTech placement details

Vel Tech placement 2021 concluded with the highest CTC of Rs. LPA. On the other hand, the average CTC offered Over 40 reputed companies participated, and more than 700 students were placed in reputable companies, most notably tech-giants such as Amazon, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Yamaha, Zoho, Mind Tree, Deccan Auto, TVS, Paypal, etc.

S. No.DepartmentNo. of Students RegisteredPlaced StudentsTotal Offers
1Aeronautical Engineering201414
2Automobile Engineering71212
3Biomedical Engineering934
5Civil Engineering1722
6Computer Science and Engineering572431523
7Electrical and Electronics Engineering282126
8Electronics and Communication Engineering302190212
9Information Technology1779
10Mechanical Engineering188101110


Vel Tech’s objective is to strive for excellence in everything we do and who we are. In keeping with this objective, the Institution bestows honorary degrees on deserving individuals in acknowledgment of their contributions to society. The convocation ceremony highlights the Institute’s most important values: academic success, the Code Of honour, and the importance of community. These illustrious convocation ceremonies have been commemorated in the form of a picture gallery, celebrating the Institute’s excellence in academia.

Convacation Photos(2016-2021)


University alumni are invited for participating in the Board of Management, the Academic Council and Board of Studies , and the Internal Quality Assurance committee. Interested alumni can contact the alumni officer to participate in the governance meeting.

Process of designing the strategic planning of the university is widely popularized among alumni across the world and their valuable inputs are received in order to improve the Alumni Association, and as a result, the institution.
Alumni feedback and employer feedback is collected through the Alumni Association and these inputs are utilized for developing the curriculum of the university.

Alumni Scholarships recognize students from historically underrepresented backgrounds and the Vel Tech University alumni supports a wide variety of scholarship recipients each academic year in order to motivate these students. Every year the alumni department connects with the erstwhile students to reward them with scholarships in recognition of their talents, and support them in pursuing their education.


An active alumni network is very beneficial to the students presently studying in the institution. Exclusive job listings, resume reviews, webinars, networking events and more in-depth services, like career counseling are some of the many perks of alumni student interactions. Through these regular interactions, the institution is able to keep track of the alumni’s progress, and identify those they can reach out to for mentorship and placements. The Alumni Student Interaction  methodology is as follows:

  1. Skype Interaction (veltech.alumnus)
  2. On campus Interaction

   We have conducted around 178 Alumni Interaction with students (Direct,  Skype and webinar) from various parts of the country.



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A series of regular interactions of the Alumni with the presently studying students of the campus to give motivational speeches and engage with the students on discussions about the current industry, higher education and entrepreneurship. A list of such Alumni Student Interaction Programs has been presented here.

S no.DateYearVT NO.DeptAlumni NameOrganisationDesignationNo. of Students participatedTopic DiscussedSession
108.05.20212009VT4193 ITMr. SandeepCapgemini Technology Services India LimitedSenior Consultant159Career Roadmap ProgrammeAlumni webinar session
210.04.20212014 3324 CSEMr. Rajesh GunalanMastercard International Inc., USASenior Software Engineer140Exploring Higher Education & Job Opportunities AbroadAlumni webinar session
310.04.20212018 5457Mr. Dharma Teja BandaruNew Mexico State UniversityMS in Computer Science147Exploring Higher Education & Job Opportunities AbroadAlumni webinar session
403.04.202120187053CSEMs. Dhanyasri DiviCalifornia State UniversityMasters in Statistics130Post – Pandemic Future of Higher Education in USAAlumni webinar session
501.04.20212004VTC -262MCAMr. R. NirmalTarget Corporation – American Retail CompanySenior Manager172What to expect in Retail Industry post Covid – 19?Alumni webinar session
627.03.202120185074CSEMr. Charan Reddy GogireddyUniversity of BathM.Sc. Data Science165Higher Education Opportunities in UKAlumni webinar session
706.02.202120126028MECHMr. E. Dinesh & Ms. N.ChandravathiVisionary & Entrepreneur , Global Venture ProjectsEntrepreneur148Entrepreneurship and GIG EconomyAlumni webinar session
803.10.202020152611ECEMs. Kriti SinghEkakshar ConsultancyCEO & Founder99Entrepreneurship Journey – Expectation Vs RealityAlumni webinar session
926.09.202020062235ECEMr. Varun SinghiBlockchain Business StrategistHead of Technology and Operations63Demystifying blockchain and moving beyond the hyperAlumni webinar session
1026.09.20202013M.Tech Automotive ElectronicsMr. Omkar Harish ChandraAther Energy, BangaloreAssociate Manager Engineering72Electric Scooter – The future of mobilityAlumni webinar session
1112.09.2020Mr. Raghuvaran RameshTrainerGerman language teacher26The German language – An IntroductionAlumni webinar session
1215.09.20202013Mr . Mohammed JafirNBCC, Saint John,canadaMaster Student@ Canada200Skilling in Higher EducationAlumni webinar session
1310.09.20202013CivilMr . Hamed ejasHeriot watt universityMaster student @ Scotland156Fireside chat with Mr. Hamed Ejas for higher educationAlumni webinar session
1409.09.20202013VTU726AEROMs . Debaswati RoyTechnische University of BerlinMSc. Master Student@ Germany85Higher education in GermanyAlumni webinar session
1506.09.20202013VTU1872MECHMr. KaushikUniversity of Houston Texas, USAMasters in Industrial engineering @ USA145Future of work + Higher Education @ USAAlumni webinar session
1605.09.20202019VTU6233AEROMr. Vikas GoyalPolitecnico di MilanoM.S. (Mobility Engineering), Master Student@ Italy135Entering the new realm if International higher educationAlumni webinar session
1731.08.20202018Mr. Vinay DorsollaUniversity of AdelaideMaster in computer science @ Australia124How to assure quality higher education during university closuresAlumni webinar session
1829.08.20202018VTU5227CSEMs . Mounika NimmuCricket.comFull stack developer63Learning experience on full stack development, AWS, DevOps & AIMLAlumni webinar session
1928.08.20202019VTP2060M.TECH. – INDUSTRYMr. Jayandran MohanM.Tech Industrial Safety, Training Institute OmanHSE Trainer60Introduction to industrial safetyAlumni webinar session
2026.08.20202018Mr. Bharat Chandra AllaUniversity of LiegeMaster Student@ Belgium78Higher education & europe opportunitiesAlumni webinar session
2121.08.20202018VTU5063ECEMs. Aishwarya Gowda A GNational Formosa University, TAIWANM.S.,Researcher @Taiwan118Guides to postgraduate study abroadAlumni webinar session
2215.08.20202013Ms. Jesline JoyLulea Tekniska University, SwedenPh.D / Doktorand145Need of numerical approach and research in industrial applicationAlumni webinar session
2307.08.20202002Mr. Sameer ShiakCloud Technologies @, New York, USADirector156Careers in cloud technologyAlumni webinar session
2406.08.20202015VTU2280CSEMr. Anirban RayHITACHI @ JapanResearcher90How to use time effectively as a college student for career success?Alumni webinar session
2505.08.20202001VT112CSEMr. Ashok Kumar Mahalingamhochschule hof university of applied sciencesMasters student @ General Management25Higher Education opportunities in germanyAlumni webinar session
2601.08.20202012VT5881EEEDr. Suman. MMotilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, AllahabadAssistant Professor36Unintentional Islanding Detection TechniquesAlumni webinar session
2726.07. 20202013Mr. Gaurav KumarEscorts Limited,FaridabadManager105Recent Advancements in Agricultural MachineriesAlumni webinar session
2825.07.20202010VT4540MECHMr. Madan Raj . MVALEO Germany, R & D AcousticsTechnical Project Manager,184Trend in automotive industry for engineersAlumni webinar session
2918.07. 20202001VT36EEEDr. M. Rajmal JoshiPanimalar Engineering CollegeAssociate Professor261Speed MathsAlumni webinar session
3010.07.20202013AeroDr. Punita KumariWuhan University of Technology135Composite Material & Industrial ApplicationsAlumni webinar session
3106.07.20202013CSEMr. RSN. RoithRizzleSr. Android Developer208Android mobile application developmentAlumni webinar session
3206.07. 20202013VTU0548CSEMr. G. JayaramRizzleSr. QA Lead208Mobile software testingAlumni webinar session
3304.07.20202005Mr. Narayanan KrishnamurthyADP IndiaArchitect158Trending Tech – What is not DevopsAlumni webinar session
3404.07.20202018Vtu 5274ECEMr. Uday Kalyan BoyapatiMaveric SystemsLIBA Intern/API tester76API Automation using SOAP UIAlumni webinar session
3503.07.20202013VTU0784AEROMs. Nandhini RajuUniversity of Central Florida, USAGRE, PhD382Gas Turbines for power generationAlumni webinar session
3601.07. 20202015Mr. G. SivaramakrishnanInstitute of Electronic Microelectronic and NanotechnologyResearcher78Nano- Bio Sensors for Biomedical & Agricultural Applications & Bio Sensing Technique to covid-19Alumni webinar session
3727.06.20202006VT 1827ITMr. KrishnaSNK Market Data Research Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaCTO67Devops, Open source, SDLC & AgileAlumni webinar session
3827.06.20202003VTM 234MBAMr. Bharath .K.SHexaware TechnologiesSenior Business Analyst68Dimensions of corporate careerAlumni webinar session
3926.06. 20202013Mr. Rex AantonnyRex Cyber Solutions Pvt Ltd.,Founder & Director275Pros and Cons of Cyber security in virtual learningAlumni webinar session
4026.06. 20202015VTU2590ECEMr. Ashish KumarTata Consultancy ServicesTechnical Analyst78Current trends of testing in software industriesAlumni webinar session
4125.06.20202012AUTOMr. Balaji Ramaswamy NatarajanBritish Council, A Cambridge CELTA Certified English language trainerEnglish language trainer250English Vocabulary, Accent Naturalisation and IELTS Exam PreparationAlumni webinar session
4225.06. 20202015Mr. Bharat Kumar. DCTS Chennai & MD of Paris MartTechnical Leader75Business after the 2020 pandemicAlumni webinar session
437.03.20202016VT 2994AUTOMr. M. EthihasBlacksmith ElectricTransportation Designer28Alumni student interaction
446.03.20202003VT 207MCAMr. Nantha Kumar ViswanathanTVS NextTechnical Architect55Alumni student interaction
4529.02.20202003VTM 234MBAMr. Bharath .K.SHexaware TechnologiesSenior Business Analyst62Alumni student interaction
4629.02.20202002VT 380EEEMr. S. KarthikTCSConsultant75Alumni student interaction
4722.02.20202002VT 304ITMr. Tamil Selvan NTikona Infinet Pvt. Ltd.Manager63Alumni student interaction
4822.02.20202018VTU 4911EEEMr. S. Sai KrishnaMindtreeSoftware Development Engineer in test( SDET)85Alumni student interaction
4917.02.20202012VT 025MBAMr. Shaik MeeravaliTibro Tours Pvt. Ltd.Manager- Business & Knowledge Tours76Alumni student interaction
5019.12.2019  2013VTP 1075MBAMr. Pradeep Kumar Management Trainee NTC Logistics62Alumni student interaction
519.11.20192009VT 4169ITMr. Mohammed RameezeTCSAssist Consultant65Alumni student interaction
529.11.20192004VM 99ITMr. Sai Babu KolliCDK Global, HyderabadR & D Manager55Alumni student interaction
5326.10.20192006VT 1827ITMr. KrishnaaSNK Market Data Research Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaCTO62Alumni student interaction
5425.10.20192006VT1819ITMphasisProject Manager85Alumni student interaction
Mr. Vinoth R
5512.10.20192007VT 2888CSEMrs. Kokila. JValgenesis India Pvt LtdSenior Software Engineer155Alumni student interaction
5612.10.20192010VT 4418EEEMr. Anish. TInfosysSenior Consultant160Alumni student interaction
5728.09.20192009VT 4193ITMr. Sandeep. SInfosys LimitedClient Solution Lead85Alumni student interaction
5828.09.20192009VT 3660ECEMrs. Ranjani. RThe Mother’s Service SocietyResearch Associate62Alumni student interaction
5928.09.20192009VT 3835EEEMr. Karthick. RVirtual AssociatesMarketing Manager75Alumni student interaction
6017.09.20192013533MBAMr. Lalan KumarUDS GroupManager84Alumni student interaction
6131.08.20192015VTU1973AUTOMr. Toni Mariadas56Alumni student interaction
6216.08.20192013VTU 0548CSEMr. Jayaram . GWells Fargo Centre, HyderabadQA Specialist64Alumni student interaction
6310.08.20192015VT 3764ECEMr. BARATH KUMAR.DHCL TechnologiesSr. Administrator – Storage55Alumni student interaction
6405.08.20192018VTU 4833ECEMs. Susmitha Allumallu Veera VenkataNATIONAL CHIAO TUNG UNIVERSITYMASTERS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING85Alumni student interaction
6511.07.20192010VMEEEMr. Sethu Saveda SuvanamÅAC Microtec ABSpace Subsystems Bid Manager76Skyper Interaction
6611.07.20192018VT 5133ECEMs. Mohana SruthiNational Taiwan UniversityMaster Student94Alumni student interaction
678.07.20192014VT 240MechMr. BabooSkymech Automation Pvt ltdApplication Engineer110Alumni student interaction
6827.03.20192005VT 1584ECEMr. Ramesh NagineniHexawareTechnical Architect65Alumni student interaction
6911.03.20192013VT 0457CIVILMr. Hameed Ejaz Yousuf Rahaman . JNS ConstructionFounder54Alumni student interaction
7009.03.20192010VT 4327ECEMr. Aravind. CAravind Lifestyle Brands LtdRegional Manager – HR63Alumni student interaction
7105.03.20192007VMM 075MBAMr. R. Kalyan KrishnanSundaram Business servicesSenior Manager , Business development75Alumni student interaction
7223.02.20192006VT 1906ITMr. M. Kalai SelvanAir IndiaPilot67Alumni student interaction
7323.02.20192009VT 3775EEEMr. Anantha Padmanaban. SInfosysProject Manager122Alumni student interaction
7423.02.20192003VTM 234MBAMr. Bharath .K.SHexaware TechnologiesSenior Business Analyst53Alumni student interaction
7521.02.20192016VTP 1556MBAMr. ShyamnathPhilips Global HubJr. Accounting Specialist68Alumni student interaction
7629.09.20182007VT 2668MECHMr. Vivek SeshanTCSLEAD85Alumni student interaction
7722.09.20182007VT 2706MECHMr. T. SubramaniamFord Motor CompanyDeputy Manager- Purchasing- Emerging markets72Alumni student interaction
7822.09.20182011VH 1359CHEMICAL ENGGMr. N. Sathya NarayananAvant-GardeManager55Alumni student interaction
7929.9.20182007VT2668MECHMr. Vivek SeshanTAFESr Member67Alumni student interaction
8028.9.20182002VT 384EEEMr. Vishnu Shankar Reddy. DOshkosh Corp Oshkosh CorporationRegional Manager59Alumni student interaction
8124.09.20182016VTU 3015CIVILMr. Kushal Kumar. ESpace CreatorsCEO ( Entrepreneur)48Alumni student interaction
8220.09.20182016VTP 1556MBAMr. ShyamnathPhilips Global HubJr. Accounting Specialist56Alumni student interaction
8315-Sep-182018VTP 1677MBAMr. Sonu Thomas. SSafeducationFunctional Trainer (Logistics)64Alumni student interaction
8415-Sep-182016VTP 1518ECEMr. Punit VaruIntelSoftware Engineer86Alumni student interaction
858-Sep-182013VTU 0548CSEMr. Jayaram . GGlu MobileSr. QAE83Alumni student interaction
8620-Aug-182014VTP 1075MBA – AcademicMr. S. Pradeep KumarNTC Logistics India Pvt LtdSales Coordinator62Alumni student interaction
874-Aug-182003VTPMBAMr. BharatHexaware TechSales Manager74Alumni student interaction
884-Aug-182015VTP 1337MBAMr. K. PraveenPon Pure LogisticsSenior HR54Alumni student interaction
894-Aug-182018VTP 1692MBAMr. Hari VenkateshCTSHR Executive78Alumni student interaction
9012-Jul-182006VT 2329MECHMr. Akhilesh PalwaiDesign Tech Systems LtdPractise Manager52Alumni student interaction
9125-Apr-182008VMC 105MCAMr. Saravanan MuryganTCSArchitect and a solution consultant for Robotics Automation86Alumni student interaction
921-Mar-182012VMM 685MBA-HRMr. Balaji. S and Director Ms. ShumitaCenter for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced AnalyticsBusiness Development Manager94Alumni student interaction
9327-Oct-172009VT 3897MECHMr. Nirmal. T and TeamFord Motor Pvt LtdPatent Engineer65Alumni student interaction
9425-Oct-172012VT 5791ECEMr. Naveen Kumar. SMphasisSr. Software Engineer74Alumni student interaction
9524-Oct-172014VT 1385CSEMr. Arjun SrinivasCognizantAssociate82Alumni student interaction
9629-Jul-172007VT2668MECHMr. Vivek SeshanTAFESr Member75Alumni student interaction
9725-Jul-172011VT 5657AUTOMr. Ilamaran. V.SMando Automotive India Pvt LtdResearch & Development – Brakes( Senior Engineer)45Alumni student interaction
987-Apr-172015VTU1973AUTOMr. Toni MariadasHyundai MotorsSales Consultant55Alumni student interaction
998-Apr-172008VT 3062ECEMr. R. ArunNielsonMarket Researcher62Alumni student interaction
10025-Mar-172012VT 5870ECEMr. Surya PrakashHyundai MotorsManaging Director54Alumni student interaction
10125-Mar-172001VT 71EEEMr. Ranjith. AMicrosoftAzure Cloud Infra Engineer133Alumni student interaction
10224-Mar-172016VTU 3026AEROMr.S.M.VigneshEpochAero AeroSpace Pvt. LtdOperation Head – South Zone77Alumni student interaction
10322-Mar-172012VHM 252MBA AcademicMr. GopinathKotak Mahindra Bank Ltd also Entrepreneur for business concernsDeputy Manager86Alumni student interaction
10415-Mar-172011VT 5713EIEMr. Vignesh JanakiramanConsolidated Gulf Co. (CGC), QatarSenior Design Engineer65Alumni student interaction
10511-Mar-172001VT 158EEEMr.Dileep J KurianINTELSilicon Architecture Engineer142Alumni student interaction
10627-Feb-172013VT 1017ECEMr. Mohammed SakhibDigital Intelligence SystemsHR Coordinator74Alumni student interaction
10710-Jan-172015VM 6308ITDavid Clinton ManoharanThe University of Texas at TylerInternational Ambassador64Alumni student interaction
10826-Nov-162016VTP 1521MBA FINANCEK. PavithraCOVENANT CONSULTANTSExecutive – BFSI Recruitment57Alumni student interaction
10927-Oct-162012VT 6395AeroMr. Jagan Kumar KothandanM.Sc Computational Mechanical Engineering at Universitat Rostock, Germany & Wipro TechnologiesFormer Project Engineer63Alumni student interaction
11022-Oct-162005VT 1772ITMr. A.K. PurushothInfosysConsultant86Alumni student interaction
11118-Oct-162010VT 5896ITMr. Manoj. AuLeKtz Engagement Manager74Alumni student interaction
1123-Oct-162013VTU 0784AEROMs. Nandhini .RIIT MadrasProject Associate69Alumni student interaction
11324-Sep-162005VP 993ITMr. Karthick ShanmugamWipro techProgram Manager78Alumni student interaction
11423-Sep-162009VT 3770/EEEFN EEEMr. Subramaniam. AHoneywell Tech – BglAnalyst – IP45Alumni student interaction
11523-Sep-162009VT 3770/EEEAN AEROMr. Subramaniam. AHoneywell Tech – BglAnalyst – IP62Alumni student interaction
11610-Sep-162013VTU 515MBAMr. Jerold Robinson . JCovenant ConsultantsTeam Lead76Alumni student interaction
11710-Sep-162014VTU1681CSEMr. Vinay RanjanGramener technology solutions and And CEO cybergyanAssociate Data Specialist53Alumni student interaction
11827-Aug-162013VTU 0564MBAMr. K. DharmaiahNOHA HRD SERVICESHR Manager62Alumni student interaction
11910-Aug-162013VTU 0435CIVILMr. Vaibhav Sachan87Alumni student interaction
12010-Aug-162014VTU 1157ECEMr. Ajith K. PandeyIBM India Pvt LtdSoftware Developer64Alumni student interaction
12122-Apr-162005VM 313CSEMr. Vasanth Benjamin. GOasis Investments Inc inHead of Corporate Communications48Alumni student interaction
12215-Apr-162013VTP 786M.TECH CSE(PT)Mr. G. PrabhuWorld BankSenior Software Engineer53Alumni student interaction
1231-Apr-162009VT 4245EIEMr. Vijay BalasundaramCGI _ Logicaworkforce analyst – team lead67Alumni student interaction
12410-Mar-162008VT 3132EEEMs. Shlipa and TeamLICDevelopment Officer92Alumni student interaction
12512-May-152004VM146ECEMr. Prem kumarTCSAssist Consultant83Alumni student interaction
1264-Mar-162011VT 5217MECHMr. ManojLet’s LeanFounder52Alumni student interaction
1274-Mar-162011VM2969CSEMr. Gokul .SSAPSupport Associate64Alumni student interaction
12820-Feb-162008VTEEEMr. DivyaIASTrainee78Alumni student interaction
12920-Feb-162008VT 3132EEEMs.ShilpaLICDevelopment Manager64Alumni student interaction
13017-Feb-162011VT 5315CSEMr. Beniston. JInautix TechnologiesSenior Applications Developer84Alumni student interaction
13117-Feb-162003VT 211MBAMr. Reddi SekharTitanManager67Alumni student interaction
13219-Oct-152013VTU 0843MechMr. Goutham Avinash . BSiemensProject Designer84Alumni student interaction
13317-Oct-152009VT3759EEEMr. Dinesh Babu. GCaterpillarDeputy Manager65Alumni student interaction
13426-Sep-152015VTP088MechMr. Prem kumar.KTAFEDeputy Manager73Alumni student interaction
13526-Sep-152015VTP065MechMr. S KarthikTAFEQuality Assurance73Alumni student interaction
13626-Sep-152015VTP099VisualMr. Pulkit TiwariTIFACTrainee85Alumni student interaction
13716-Sep-1520126050MechMr. Balaji Vijayaraghavan. M.KAlter EGO communicationCo-founder73Alumni student interaction
13816-Sep-1520051305ITMr. Bolla Rohini KumarCerner HealthCare solutionsSenior Team Lead64Alumni student interaction
13914-Sep-1520093984EIEMr. Thamotharakannan NatarajanIndian Orthocare surgicals and Organic Store in Ashok Pillar Named “Gramiyam”Proprietor45Alumni student interaction
14031-Aug-1520126014MECHMr. Chinthan.R.ShingalaGame on Live to Play sporting Entrepreneur and Co-Founder53Alumni student interaction
14122-Aug-152004 VM 139ECEMr. Priyanth Dhanraj AGM – Sales and MarketingSenior Manager65Alumni student interaction
14219-Aug-15  2013VTP 1075MBAMr. Pradeep Kumar Management Trainee NTC Logistics75Alumni student interaction
14319-Aug-15  2013506MBAMr. SANIT PANDEYExecutive Accounts & Finance RC Blossom Date86Alumni student interaction
14419-Aug-152013515MBAMr. JERALD ROBINSONSenior ExecutiveTalent Acquisition88Alumni student interaction
1455-Aug-152014740AEROMr. Abdul Ajeez.A.KEngineerAir India Sats43Alumni student interaction
14627-Jul-1520083386CSEMr. Balachander .GSenior software engineerAkamai Technologies53Alumni student interaction
1478-Jul-1520093946EIEMr. Janarathanan Ravichandran Senior Engineer ,Asian paints ltd45Alumni student interaction
14825-Jun-1520104885ITMr. S.BalajiTalent acquisitionconsultant76Alumni student interaction
14922-Jun-152005624MBAMr. Naveen kumar.BAccentureHR Manager84Alumni student interaction
15015-May-1520104540MechMr. Madhan RajUnfotec Acoustic solnAcoustic Engineer73Alumni student interaction
15112-May-152004VM146ECEMr. Prem kumarTCSAssist Consultant82Alumni student interaction
15211-May-1520091280ECEMr. Kamal sivaTCScomp prgmr71Alumni student interaction
15311-May-1520072934EEEMr. Vinoth KumarSmall world consultantconsultant86Alumni student interaction
15425-Apr-1520061892ITMr. RusselScope internationalBusiness analyst68Alumni student interaction
15513-Apr-1520061873ITMr. Karthicknathan.LFederal BankManager56Alumni student interaction
15613-Apr-1520061879ITMr. Suresh kumar.BHCLTeam leader75Alumni student interaction
15724-Mar-1520141400CivilMr. Hameed Meeran.AJeanmartin system pvt limitedsoftware developer42Alumni student interaction
15818-Mar-15201121CSEMr. Sonam KumariTCSSenior sys Engineer66Alumni student interaction
15916-Mar-1520141018AUTOMr. Saravana Kumar.DBarclaysSenior Executive54Alumni student interaction
1604-Mar-152013215EEEMr. Ashish KumarHCLAutomation Engr75Alumni student interaction
16121-Feb-1520126407AeroMr. Avinash.AIndian Armylieutenant64Alumni student interaction
16221-Feb-1520072706MECHMr. Subramaniam.TIYCCPartner58Alumni student interaction
16320-Feb-1520061906ITMr. M.kalai selvanMFCPilot46Alumni student interaction
16410-Feb-152013185EEEMr. Navneet kumarMadras Engineering Industries PVT LtdExecutive53Alumni student interaction
1658-Feb-152013198EEEMr. Rishabh PandeySany Heavy IndustryTeam leader84Alumni student interaction
1666-Feb-152013902MECHMr. Manish MunwarBPCLCapacity of site Engg76Alumni student interaction
1679-Jan-152003263ECEMr. Ranjith MannemProject Manager60Alumni student interaction
EJute Trading Company
1686-Jan-1520115571AeroMr. GokulakrishnanICICI BankSenior Officer56Alumni student interaction
1695-Jan-1520126288ITMr. T.Prabhu B.EAdithya Exporting SpicesFounder86Alumni student interaction
1704-Jan-1520061655EEEMr. Bharath BommuKPMG Indiaprocess consultant55Alumni student interaction
1712-Jan-152013752ITMr. Mohamed fawazUniversity of southern queenslandM.s(mech)86Alumni student interaction
17228-Dec-1420104567MECHMr. G.J KarthikeyanGojan school of Businessdoing M.E78Alumni student interaction
17326-Dec-1420114537MECHMr. S. RajeshAccentureSAP ABAP consultant56Alumni student interaction
17420-Dec-1420094842EEEMr. H.syed NaseepP.R.V construction p ltdSr. Engg(electrical creation)45Alumni student interaction
17520-Dec-1420121726MECHMr. R.Senthil kumarTCSSystem Engr56Alumni student interaction
17614-Dec-142013912MECHMr. Jacob Jeshurer.O.Fwabco india ltdQA Engr(IQL)73Alumni student interaction
17714-Dec-142012242MECHMr. Vishnu MohanWipro techProject Engr67Alumni student interaction
17814-Nov-1420141416CSEMr. Somu somanOwn business53Alumni student interaction
17913-Nov-1420101539ECEMr. Praveen kumarHP globalsoft pvt ltddata engr81Alumni student interaction
18011-Nov-142013262MECHMr. Mahesh.Lmultivista global ltdbusiness development exec64Alumni student interaction
18111-Nov-14201334ECEMr. venkatraam.BRC ventures pvt ltdMarketing Executive57Alumni student interaction
1828-Nov-1420051529ECEMr. N vara prasadWipro techprocess consultant55Alumni student interaction
1837-Nov-142013800AeroMr. Chiraq AbrolApogee engg services LtdManaging Director45Alumni student interaction
1847-Nov-1420126213CSEMr. Jagan kumar.kWipro techSenior system admin76Alumni student interaction
1857-Nov-1420125900EEEMr. Ganesh.RWipro techProject Engr62Alumni student interaction
1865-Nov-142013794AeroMr. Vhyvhitavya.VOCTAGATE TECHNOLOGIES PVT.LTD.FOUNDER54Alumni student interaction
18719-Oct-142013454CivilMr. Bharath kumar.GHCLTeam leader62Alumni student interaction
18810-Sep-1420125760ECEMr. Alaguraj.SAscendas IT ParkBMS Engineer56Alumni student interaction
18921-Aug-1420083100ECEMr. KrishnamoorthyTata Consultancy ServicesSenior Analyst42Alumni student interaction

International University

Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students from all over the world traveling across countries, continents, and oceans to obtain the greatest education available. The reality is that studying abroad has several benefits, ranging from assisting you in finding a decent career to boosting your social life, experiencing a new culture, and becoming self-sufficient. These reasons have motivated many members of our Alumni to pursue further studies in reputable institutions abroad. Many Vel Tech alumni members are pursuing, or have pursued their masters and Ph. D/ Postdoctoral degree from notable universities abroad.

List of International university

National University
Higher education institutions in India have a long history of producing remarkable individuals who have made a positive impact on the globe and created an everlasting legacy in their disciplines. Many Indian colleges and educational institutes have been recognised among the world’s best institutions, and they have been steadily rising up the rankings. These reasons have inspired some of our Alumni to continue their education at reputable national universities. Here are some reputed Indian institutions where our alumni are currently pursuing their Masters and Ph. D degrees.

List of National university

Placed Companies
The goal of obtaining a college degree is to expand one’s horizons in life. It prepares you for your profession and adult life in both an academic and social sense. In India, the private sector is growing, now more than ever. . One can find private organizations with different cultures. These jobs provide a great platform to showcase one’s talents and skills, while parallelly learning and growing day-by-day. Here are the well-established MNCs in the private sector, in India and abroad, where our alumni are currently employed.

List of Placed Companies


Joining an alumni association can be quite beneficial. Many alumni organisations provide distinct benefits. Promoting your business, networking opportunities, and professional resources are some of the many perks of participation in an alumni group. Here are some compelling reasons to become a member of the Vel Tech Alumni Association.

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An alumni website is the cornerstone of strong alumni relations. Every institution with a robust alumni network places a heavy emphasis on developing an interactive alumni portal and reaping significant benefits from it. Alumni websites are an important aspect of maintaining a vibrant campus community by meeting the requirements of alumni and keeping them connected to the larger digital alumni association. Here, at the Vel Tech Alumni Association, we are closer than ever to creating an online community of our alumni from every chapter – the Alumni Web Portal will be launched soon.


In this day and age of technology, social media is a critical tool for alumni engagement. Building ongoing ties with alumni requires engagement after graduation. In order to stay connected with the alumni after graduation, the two must-haves are: an effective social media strategy and high-quality content. We, here at the Vel Tech Alumni Association, have created a vast online social network to reach out to all our alumni through these social networking sites, in an attempt to connect with them and keep them updated on developments in the university. You can reach out to us today via any of these sites; the links are provided below.

Contact Us

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