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IPR & TT Cell

The Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Cell proactively works to foster an atmosphere of knowledge creation through research and innovations along with the Institute’s educational goal. It provides opportunities by facilitating the protection of intellectual properties created by the faculties/students through their research pursuit. The cell actively works on activities related to evaluation and filling of patents, copyrights and design. The Institute has an array of technologies / IPR developed through Research and Development work and the cell is responsible for assessing commercial potential of the technology, identifying the market avenues and delivering the benefits of research to industry and society. We provide information about the different opportunities for Industries to collaborate and associate with us either through a technology transfer, sponsored research project or through a consulting project. We invite you to explore the technologies and benefit by collaborating with us.


• Foster an IPR culture consistent with the educational mandate of the university.
• Guidance to institute personnel on filling of patents, copyrights and design.
• Encourage Commercialization and Licensing activities for intellectual assets created

Procedure to Apply a PATENT under Institutes's 100% Financial Aid Scheme

• Inventors (Faculty/Staff/Student/Alumni) can download the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF) from website and need to submit duly completed forms (both hardcopy & softcopy) to IPR cell.
• IPR Cell Co-ordinator will do initial Patent Search and the details will be shared to Dean-R&D.
• On approval from Dean-R&D, the Patent will be filed and the entire cost will be borne by Institute.
• There are two types of filling: Provisional & Complete.
• Provisional Specification (PS) is filed to make sure that the innovations claimed is submitted to patent office and protected. Hence, they will not be claimed by others. It is valid for 12 months. If the provisional specification is not carry-forwarded and applied as complete, then it will be cancelled.
• Complete Specification (CS) is to claim all the innovations in a single step directly without applying for provisional specification. In case earlier only provisional specification was applied, then to confirm all the claims submitted CS is again filled.

• The Patent filing Procedure Flowchart is shown below for better understanding.

Technology Transfer

Vel Tech has an array of technologies / IPR developed and are available for commercial exploitation through Technology Transfer, Licensing of IP, Start-up/Incubation, taking the idea forward through a commercial stage. Visit the technology transfer page for more details.


The IPR-Cell has registered under the Ministry of Education Innovation Cell-KAPILA Scheme (Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness). The scheme provides financial assistance to the faculty members of this institute for filing patent. So far twelve patents have been applied under this scheme.

IPR Events

The institute’s IPR Cell hosted a webinar on IPR-Awareness under the sponsorship of AICTE on 22nd June 2022. The webinar was conducted by Mr. Devendra Kumar Deshmukh, Examiner of Patents & Designs Intellectual Property Office – Chennai. The aim of the webinar was to sensitize and strengthen the IP ecosystem in educational institutes, thus creating a culture of systematically protecting new ideas, research, and innovation having national and global relevance.