Technology Transfer

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1. Graphene based dome shaped phase array antenna for space communication_Proposition

2. Wind Turbine for Home Appliances_Proposition

3. A Method for Defluoridation of Groundwater Using Corn Cob and Leca Balls

4.Power Generation from Spiral Torsion Spring During Opening and Closing of Doors_Proposition

5.Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregated by Using E-Waste in High Strength Concrete_Proposition

6. Automatic flow rate measurement and control of water flow meter using telemetry_Proposition

7. A Composition of Geopolymer Clinker Aggregate and A Process Thereof_Proposition

8. Pedal Powered Washing Machine

9. Grass Cutter Using Wire_Proposition

10. Introduction of Hydrogen Oxygen mixture at different pressure of Diesel engine_Proposition

11. A modern electronics-based fire extinguisher_Proposition

12. Umbrella based duality module for future space technology_Proposition

13. Mobile to Mobile Device Controller_Proposition

14. A fabricated detachable emission filter for exhaust outlets_proposition

15.Amphibious Solar Antenna Module (ANTSOL) For Next Generation Communication_Proposition

16. Small Metamaterial Inspired Antenna for Wimax and Wlan Applications_Proposition

17. Reconfigurable antenna with adaptive function_Proposition.

18. Avoidance of Fire Accident in Train Using RF Wireless Sensor Network_Proposition

19.Automated Fire Identifying and Extinguishing Robot (AFIER)_Proposition

20. Wireless Power Transmission – A Next Generation Power_Proposition