Vision Mission of Vel Tech, Best Engineering Institution
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Vision Mission

Best Engineering Institution in Chennai, India.

Vel Tech Vision Mission has developed a conducive and committed educational and work environment for teaching, learning, innovation and research. A community with academicians, researchers, scholars and students who are in pursuit of the educational excellence which help uplift the society.


To create, translate and disseminate frontiers of knowledge embedded with creativity and innovation for a positive transformation of emerging society


To nurture excellence in teaching, learning, creativity and research; translate knowledge into practice; foster multidisciplinary research across science, medicine, engineering, technology and humanities; incubate entrepreneurship; instill integrity and honour; inculcate scholarly leadership towards global competence and growth beyond self in a serene, inclusive and free academic environment

We believe in inculcating supreme qualities of life such as honesty, integrity, charity, desire to work hard, politeness and purity of soul to every students there by creating value enriched individuals.

We understand that to succeed, we must venture with confidence and extend our horizons. We pass on our success and experience to every student who studies under our fold.