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Vel Tech Sports

Sports greatest asset is not just physical ability, but mental ability as well. The Be-Attitudes of sports is team spirit, never-give-up nor give-in, hard work, persistence and the drive to achieve the impossible. Sports play a great role in everyone’s busy life especially for students it benefits their body, mind, and soul. A contest between two competitive sides with the attempt to exceed the other. They develop better discipline and leadership qualities that complements at the workplace. Playing sports helps in building and improving confidence level. Practicing sports on regular basis helps to be more active and healthy.

“Sports ideally teach discipline and commitment. They challenge you and build character for everything you do in life”- by Howie Long.

Sports @ Vel Tech

We are passionate to see the holistic growth of students in every act that we do. In sports, the physical coordination-strength and character building are two sides of the coin. Vel Tech sports club takes every effort in training the students as a true sportsman in their character and talent. Athletics and Sports – Vel Tech sportsmen winning in competitions are moments of pride. sports club takes every effort in training the students as a true sportsman.

Physical Education and Sports Faculty


Head Department of Physical Education and Sports


Asst – Director of Physical Education
B.P.ES, M.P.Ed, M.Phil, (Ph.D.)P.G Yoga

Mr. Janarthanan

Assistant Director of Physical Education
B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed, M.Phil, (Ph.D.)