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Message from Dean Hostels

Dr. B. Nagalingeswara Raju

Dean hostel, Professor, Department of Aeronautical Engineering

Vel Tech campus provides hostel for boys and girls to accommodate the students of the institute in the most comfortable and conducive manner. The hostel provides the students with a pleasant ambience much like a home away from home. We take utmost care to provide students with all the necessary facilities which will help them to adapt well with the new ambience.

Hostel has its own mess with latest equipment which is managed and run by the cooks appointed by the University, keeping in mind the different tastes of the students with healthy and tasty food. Clean water is provided 24/7 for students usage needs. Pure drinking water is facilitated for drinking purposes. Hostel has uninterrupted electricity, Wi-Fi, recreation hall, medical facilities, shops for basic needs, gymnasium, outdoor and indoor games etc.

Hostel Helpline Numbers

Mr. M. Rambabu – All Hostels

Mobile no: 96777 63286

Mr S. Vijay – Prince Hostel,Vel Vinayagar Hostel & Queens Hostel

Mobile no: 86862 20007

Mr M. Nagendra Naidu – Leaders Hostel

Mobile no: 86862 20007

Boys hostels

Mr. Dhamodharan – B3 Hostel
Mobile no: 73580 39362

Mr. P.M. Prakash – B3 Hostel
Mobile no: 63025 65824

Mr. Anandraj – B3 Hostel
Mobile no: 77299 39808

Mr. S.M. Vasudevan – Prince Hostel(A Block)
Mobile no: 74184 78532

Mr. L.S. Rao – Prince Hostel(B Block)
Mobile no: 72075 12949

Mr. E. Sankar – Prince Hostel(C – F Block)
Mobile no: 83286 56425

Mr. P. Suresh Babu – Leaders Hostel(B Block)
Mobile no: 94917 75367

Mr. M.Leela Krishna – Leaders Hostel(C Block)
Mobile no: 96181 49616

Mr. N. Sunilkumar – Vel Vinayagar Hostel
Mobile no: 80743 01970

Girls hostels

Ms. J. Vijaya lakshmi – Queens Hostel Main Block

Mobile no: 99406 19482

Ms. K.V. Uma Maheshwari – Anexure I


Mobile no: 98841 66070

Ms. G. Vengada Shree – Anexure II

Mobile no: 99406 17588

P. Babu reddy

Email id:

Mobile no: 8754416293

K. Mohan

Mobile no: 99406 19536

Mrs K. Varalakshmi

Mobile no: 73583 98089

 Mr R. Thangaraj

Mobile no: 8807707711

Facilities in Hostels


B3 Hostel

Prince Hostel

Queens Hostel

Leaders Hostel

Velvinayagar Hostel

Capacity 2559 2500 1479 1650 300
No. of Senior Administrative Officer 1
No. of Administrative Officer 2
No. of Block in-charges 3 3 3 2 1
No. of Floor in-charges 11 15 9 11 2
No. of Technical Managers 2 2 2 2 1
Reading Hall Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
24/7 Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stationery Store Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gymnasium Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volleyball Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basket ball court Yes Yes Yes
Cricket Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor Games Yes
Open Air Auditorium Yes Yes
Food court Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kitchen with modern cooking utensils Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dining hall Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bakery Yes
RO treated water Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solar water heater Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turnstyle Yes Yes
Visitors room Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parents stay room Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medical room Yes Yes Yes Yes
DG set Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transport facility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ambulance facility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes