B.Tech First Year Student Induction Procedure- Joining Formalities 

The students who have taken admission are requested to pay their fee and submit the necessary documents with the admission office before meeting their Mentor.

Mentor card

The card furnishes the details of the Mentor.

Student Record

  • A document maintained by the Mentor which showcases the students’ academic performance during his/her term at the university.

University Rules and Regulations

  • A handout which explicitly explains the dos and don’ts within the campus .

ID Card

  • The Mentor will assist the candidate with the ID card form which will be presented to the accounts department.

Wi-Fi Internet access

  • The student can avail Wi-Fi internet access, the mentor will assist the students with user name and password.

University Student E-mail ID

  • Every student is assigned an email id with their respective VTU number. All communications between the university and the student is exchanged here.

Vijaya Bank A/C opening form

  • The Mentor will help the candidate open a bank a/c with Vijaya Bank (if required). The bank operates with in the campus and also has an ATM.

Anti-Ragging Affidavit by Student

  • Vel Tech ensures a “Ragging-Free” Campus with the fullest co-operation of Students and Staff.

Hostel Rules and Regulations Form

  • A handout which explicitly explains the dos and don’ts within the hostel.

Documents to be submitted

The candidates are requested to complete the forms and submit it to their mentors.

  • Student Affidavit
  • Parent Affidavit
  • Hostel Affidavit
  • Anti-ragging affidavit

A Note from the President

Col. Prof. Vel. Dr. R. Rangarajan

Col. Prof. Vel. Dr. R. Rangarajan
Founder Chancellor & President

Dear Student,

Your MENTOR is your EDUCATIONAL PARENT, an experienced, friendly and trusted adviser who will ensure that your experience within the campus is memorable and conducive.
I assure you that Vel Tech’s state-of-the-art infrastructure & committed faculty team will certainly facilitate you to achieve greater heights in your professional career and personal life. VTU has been very keen in strengthening the bonding between Parents, Teachers and Students through the following means.

Best wishes and Blessings