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Board of Examination

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Board of Examination

The following list of examinations which are considered equivalent to the 10+2 system of Education in India.

  1. Africa:
    • 12 years Secondary Stage qualifications of National Examination Board / Council of Ministry of Education of Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania Uganda and Rwanda.
  2. Asia:
    • 12 years High School Graduation / Diploma / Certificate of an approved Board Schools of China, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Syria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other Gulf Countries.
    • High School Certificate HSC and Cambridge School Certificate A level from the accredited institutions of Mauritius.
  3. UK:
    • GCE Examination of UK with Higher grades in five subjects at the Ordinary level (O level) and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics / Biology at the Advanced level A level.
    • High School Certificate Examination, University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, UK.
    • International Baccalaureate Examination of Geneva.
  4. North America:
    • High School Graduation from accredited institutions of USA.
    • 12 years High School – Grade 12 pass from the accredited institutions of Canada
  5. Any other examination of the Foreign country as found equivalent to 10+2 examination of India by Association of Indian Universities AIU

For Candidate must present proof of foreign nationality, i.e., Valid Passport or National ID.