Non Statutory committee

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Non Statutory Bodies

1Prof. S. SalivahananVice ChancellorChairman
Three Members of rank above professor nominated by Vice Chancellor
2Prof. M J Carmel Mary BelindaDean Academics (i/c), MemberCSEMember
3Prof. M. SivakumarDean – FMEMechMember
4Prof. P. Esther RaniHoDECEMember
Five Teachers Nominated by Vice Chancellor
5Dr. R. JaganrajAssociate Prof & HeadAeroMember
6Dr. S. JayaveluAssociate ProfessorMechMember
7Mr. P. SivarajAssistant ProfessorEEEMember
8Dr. J. SrideviAssistant Professor & HoDCBAMember
9Dean of the School ConcernedMember
10Dr. M. KavithaProfessorCSEMember Secretary
1Dr.P.ChandrasekarProfessor and Head, EEEEEESCChairman
2Dr.M.Thanjai VadivelAssociate ProfessorCSESCMember
3Dr.C. Kanmani PappaAssistant ProfessorECESCMember
4Dr.P.SathyaseelanAssistant ProfessorMechSCMember
5Mr.P.PouneesvaranHeadLetter SectionSCMember
6Mr.K. SanjayStudentCivilSCMember
7Ms.Julapalli Shainy SitharaStudentECESTMember

The committee will meet periodically as per schedule prepared by the committee in its first meeting. This committee will discuss all issues related to SC/ST students and staff w.r.t the below stated functions of the committee. It addresses and solves grievances amicably. Major issues which cannot be resolved at committee level will be brought to the notice of the Vice Chancellor to resolve.

Seven teachers nominated by Vice Chancellor from Teaching staff

Dr. N. MalarvizhiProfessorCSEChairperson
Dr. M. KavithaProfessorCSEMember
Dr. G. SasikalaProfessorECEMember
Dr. M R BinduProfessor & HoDENGLISHMember
Mrs. J. SrideviAssistant. ProfessorMBAMember
Ms. A. MahalakshmiNCC officerNCCMember
Ms. K. Hummul SalmaStudent CounselorMember

Two members nominated by Registrar from Non-Teaching staff

Mrs. C.P. JenifaLab InstructorECEMember
Mrs. S. HemalathaLab InstructorECEMember

Two member nominated by Dean (Academics) from students

Ms. Tumma Sathvika- VTU 18030StudentCSEMember
Ms. Madanuru Thridhamni- VTU 18166StudentECEMember

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Antiragging Central Committee

The Antiragging Central Committee is a body at institutional level to establish measures for prohibiting, preventing and banning activities of Ragging menace within and outside the campus in accordance with AICTE/UGC Regulations, supreme court directives and state act, the committee is responsible for taking action against those found guilty of ragging and or abetting ragging, actively or passively or being part of a conspiracy to promote ragging.

Awareness Video
Prof. S. Salivahanan, Vice ChancellorChairman8754416291
Prof. M J Carmel Mary Belinda, Dean Academics​​​​​​​ (i/c)Member- Faculty7358024829
Prof. M. Siva Kumar, Dean FMEMember- Faculty7373033270
Prof. Dr. V. Jayasankar, Dean SoECMember- Faculty9486461362
Prof. Dr. S. Irudayaraj, Dean SoMCMember- Faculty9840033110
Prof. A Subramanyam, Dean SoLMember- Faculty9440315993
Prof. B. Nagalingeswara Raju, Dean HostelsMember- Faculty7358039365
Mr.Vijay albert, HoD, First YearMember- Faculty8056349172
Honble. Justice G. M. Akbarali
Retd. Justice of Madras High Court
Member- Civil administration9445025151
Inspector of Police T7Member- Police administration9498100087
Dr. G. K. Dhas, Chairman,Mother Teresa Charitable TrustMember- NGO9444012899
Mr. Jamal Mohidden, Editor News,  DinamalarMember- Local media8939237786
Ms. K. Hummul Salma, Student Counsellor.Member- Student Counsellor7092565446
Mr. S.Vijay, Warden, Senior Boys Hostels.Member- Non Teaching8686220007
Ms. J. Vijaya Lakshmi,Warden, Girls Hostels.Member- Non Teaching9940619482
Dr. S. Prabhakar, Chief LibrarianMember- Librarian9941095329
Dr. S. RajaRajan,   Physical Director.Member- Physical director9585461001
Mr. Munusamy, Transport AssistantMember- Non Teaching9940024052
J.E. Simon, Retired Station Manager, RailwaysMember- Parent represent9841218503
Mr. Bapanapalli Balakrishna- VTU 17540Member- Student rep.9502353576
Ms. Arpit Sinha- VTU 16919Member- Student rep.7318536379
Mr. Aman Mohammed Basheer- VTU 16957Member- Student rep.6282173009
Prof. Dr. E. Kannan, RegistrarMember- Secretary9445049400