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The School of Management is a prestigious wing of the Institution, the pride of being the excellent B- School for the last two decades in imparting business education successfully. The vision of the School is to create, translate and disseminate frontiers of knowledge embedded with creativity and innovation for a positive transformation of emerging society.Since its inception it has been working with Industry and academia for developing new domains of managerial thought and education and contributing to building leaders in today’s global business environment.It takes pride in its professional and high qualified faculty, modern infrastructure, technology and resources- be it in the fields of Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, IT & Systems, International Business, Logistics Management and Shipping, Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management , Digital Marketing etc. The goal of the Vel Tech Management Programme is to develop students as an innovative leader and imbibe the fundamental concepts.

Programmes Offered

UG Programmes


  • •Accounting & Finance
  • •Corporate Secretaryship
  • • Professional Accounting


  • •Systems
  • •Marketing
  • •Finance
  • •Business Analytics
  • •Entrepreneurship
  • •Logistics
  • •Retail Management
  • •International Business

PG Programmes


Dual specialization in

M.B.A. (Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development)

Doctoral Programme

  • Ph.D. Management
Program Outcomes (POs)

At the time of graduation, MBA students will demonstrate the following capabilities:

MBA graduates will be able to
  • Clearly articulate their career goals and the purpose of pursuing the program and Identify personal strengths & weaknesses
  • Understand the context of business in a global economy
  • Demonstrate active listening and clearly articulate their ideas (Oral and Written) and Prepare and deliver an effective business presentation (Oral)
  • Present logical arguments in support of a position (Oral and Written) and Demonstrate basic negotiation skills in different business situations (Oral)
  • Demonstrate critical business thinking in one of the core business disciplines and an understanding of other disciplines to support integrative thinking and Understand the social impact of business decisions
  • Frame business problems and generate alternative solutions, Analyse the alternative solutions using quantitative methods and Recommend a solution and provide supporting evidence
  • Achieve their team objectives by collaborating with team members for the group task.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of effective leadership and Demonstrate the ability to handle diverse perspectives
  • Understand the importance of social impact of business decisions and Identify ethical issues when presented with a business situation.
  • Identify and assess market opportunities in a variety of business contexts and Develop business strategies to leverage the opportunities
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

At the time of graduation, MBA students will demonstrate the following capabilities:

MBA graduates will be able to
  • To design the programme structure balanced by theory and practice needed to aid managerial skill formation for effective decision-making and problem solving in the globalised environment so that Graduate develop strong foundation in Management subjects and related fields and demonstrate Self & Contextual Awareness.
  • Graduates develop & demonstrate effective communication and negotiation Skills. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, broad knowledge, and an understanding of multicultural and global perspectives to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams, both as team members and as leaders.
  • Graduate develop & demonstrate knowledge of functional areas and be able to think integrative to support business decision making. Contemporary professional and lifelong learning skills including hands-on experience, familiarity with CRM, ERP/SAP, TALLY, SPSS software packages, managerial and technical expertise on managerial subjects and techniques and training methods to successfully compete in the national and global market.
  • Graduate develop & demonstrate Analytical and Quantitative Analysis acumen – Ability to understand business scenarios and develop reasoning to support solutions based on data. To impart experiential learning through active participation and interaction with industry experts, professional and practicing managers through special lectures delivered by professors and industry experts.
  • Graduate develop & demonstrate Leadership and teamwork skills. To stimulate practical hand on opportunity for creativity , innovation and experimentation learning in accordance with needs and demands of the knowledge economy so that students’ career can be shaped in business innovation and guide and support them to excel as managers by providing them powerful academic inputs.
  • Graduate develop & demonstrate Entrepreneurial Skills so that they understand societal related issues such as ethical choices, environmental protection, health and safety, and appropriate business skills through regular active research activities, live projects and field works to address issues of business, society and industry

Department Highlights!

• Qualified and experienced faculty
• Internships and projects with the Industry
• Industry Visits
• Opportunities in Research and consultancy projects undertaken by the Institution
• Exposure to guest speakers from the Industry
• Participation in seminars
• Workshops and Management Events
• Intensive training in IT and Soft skills

Student Testimonial