Dean – HRDC

Dean – HRDC2023-01-19T11:04:02+00:00

Dr. S. IrudayarajDr.A.Geetha Selvarani


Vel Tech is known for its highest credentials in Teaching, Learning, doing Research according to recent trends, and Extension activities. Since the knowledge outburst has to turn into distinctive cutting across disciplines, the level of education is hastily changing the world over; new domains of knowledge are budding amazingly breaking barriers to subject-specific teaching and research, and it leads to creating challenges for educational regulators to sustain the prominence of education. The quality of education is primarily determined by the eminence of those who are entitled to impart it, their professional competence, teaching skills, and abilities to motivate the learners. Knowledge improvement towards recent trends to improve “Teacher Quality” the under-prepared faculty workforce is necessary to be updated periodically with skills, knowledge, and efficiency desirable to the necessities of the present day’s tech-savvy society. HRDC is also organising faculty development and training programs endeavor to focus on spiraling the potential building in communication, knowledge delivery, teaching skills, critical and innovative thinking, competency development in research, etc., to achieve academic excellence. We are pleased about the most quality ensured delivery of education to continuous knowledge up-gradation