Vel Tech Research Centers, Top notch facilities equipped by Industries
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Research Centers

Vel Tech Research Centers initiates and executes joint R&D between Industry & Institution and to further facilitate the Industries to interact with the HR of the Institution. Vel Tech has created a research park on its campus with a total capacity to accommodate 80 Laboratories. 17 labs are occupied with different funded research projects, Joint Centers of Excellence with Dassault System, France & National Instruments, USA, and Industry-funded facilities. Research Funding: Vel Tech has been funded with over INR 15.49 Crores by various Government funding agencies like DST, DRDO, GITA (Indo Taiwan) etc., and Private Industries for various Research Projects. Research projects are also supported by the internal sponsoring Trust. 26 projects worth Rs.1.73 crores have been funded by the sponsoring Trust besides investing in infrastructures like Research Park, Engine Test Facility, and Centres of Excellence in various fields. The Institution is also funded with INR 1.01 Crores by DST, DRDO, CSIR, DAE etc. for organizing various National and International events.

Special Centers or Facilities Established in Association or with the support of Industry/ Research Organizations

The Institution has established National Facilities, Centers of Excellence and Special Labs in association with Research Organizations/ Industries for taking up R&D and Industry – relevant projects by the Students and Faculty