South Zone Inter University Tournament 2016 – 2017

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South Zone / All India Inter Zonal / Chess (Men and Women) Tournament 2016-2017

Inter Zonal All India Inter University Chess(MEN & WOMEN) Tournament on 10th Nov to 14th Nov 2016 as per the AIU Sports Calendar 2016-2017

South Zone AIU Greetings

Revised Entry Fees As Per AIU Regarding

Entry Closed for Men & Women

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Team Registration Form

Sports Calendar 2016-17

Officiating Charges 2016-17

Rules and Regulation
1. Team Manager’s Meeting of the participating Universities for South Zone Inter University
Chess (Men and Women) Tournament:2016-17 will be held as follows:

1Mahatma Gandhi AuditoriumWOMEN07.10.20166.30pm
2Mahatma Gandhi AuditoriumMEN11.10.20166.30pm

2. Inaugural & Closing Ceremony will be conducted as follows:

Type of Function
1Inaugural CeremonyOpen Air AuditoriumWOMEN8/10/20168.00am
2Closing CeremonyVelmurugan AuditoriumWOMEN11/10/20162.00pm
3Inaugural CeremonyOpen Air AuditoriumMEN12/10/20168.00am
4Closing CeremonyVelmurugan AuditoriumMEN15/10/20161.30pm

3. Teams are requested to participate in a Proper Dress Codewith ID card and Flag for the Inaugural Function.
4. The teams will be provided with an unfurnished accommodation in ourUniversity Campus. The Teams are expected to make their own arrangement for bedding, locks etc. Accommodation will be provided only a day prior to the commencement of the match.
5. All the participating teams are requested to inform their arrival date, time and the mode of a transport by SMS/Telephone to the organizing Secretary well in advance.
6. A Team consists of a maximum of six players
7. A Caution deposit of Rs.1000/-(Rupees One Thousand Only) will be collected at the Lodging Place. This Amount will be refunded at the time of Check-Out with deduction if any, in respect of damages etc.
8. The food will be arranged in the VelTech University on Payment by on prior request.
9. As per the guidelines of AIU Officiating charge.
10. Every Team should bring them two (2) sets of chess Board and chess clocks in working order without which they are not been permitted to participate in tournament.
11. Boarding Facilities will be arranged at the request of the Team Manager.
12. The Team Manager should bring 4 copies of Eligibility Proforma duly typed and signed by Competent Authorities and submit the same at the arrival. The Players should bring individual Photo identity card attested by the competent authorities of their respective university. Players Identity Card, +2 Mark Statement, Diploma/Degree Provisional Certificate of the players duly signed and attested by the Director of Physical Education.
13. In view of a very large numbers of entries it has been decided to hold the tournament in Nine Round Swiss League Chess Championship. In the circumstances each team shall have to play minimum of two rounds in a day so as to enable the Schedule to be completed within four days. The participating Universities should give clear idea about this to the team.
14. The teams which fails to Report in Time will be scratched by the Officials and Tournament Committee.
15. From Avadi to University, Transport facility will be provided by the University on request.
16. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change,to advance, topostpone, or to alter the Tournament Schedule,ifnecessary. However, Prior Intimation will be given to the Managers while making such changes.
17. Tournament will be organized strictly in accordance with latest Rules and Regulations adopted byAll India Chess Federation and the guidelines of the AIU will be applied for the competition.
18. Strict discipline needs to be maintained in the University Campus.
19. Smoking ,consuming alcohol /drugs are strictly prohibited in hostel and campus
20. Students are not allowed to carry mobiles and camerain the university campus.
21. Participants are requested to be inside the hostel before 09.00 pm.
22. Female Participants are advised to reach the hostel before 07.00pm.
23. Bring the lock with 2 keys and your own beddings.
24. Keep the valuable items under your safe custody (If any lost, management and organizing authorities are not responsible for it)
25. Participants are not allowed to go outside the campus; if necessary they should get prior permission.
26. All Team Participants and Team Managers and coaches are requested to wear the Identity card inside the campus.

Detailed Information of the South Zonal Inter University Chess (Men and Women) Tournament 2016 – 2017

How to reach Chennai

By Train:

Chennai is well connected with trainand road network. It is connected to almost all the major cities of South India. Local passenger trains are running from Chennai and Passing Through stops at Avadi. The University is just 5km from the Avadi Railway station.


  1. Teams will be provided withan unfurnishedRooms/Halls for their stay during the days of competition.
  2. The Managers/Coaches are expected to stay with their teams in view of the better control of the teams and are requested to keep good rapport with the Organizers.
  3. We have very limited lodging facilities; hence the teams are requested to arrive at the venue of the tournament a day before and to leave the venue within 24 hours of completion of their match.
  4. Registration for the Accommodation has to be done through our Website on or before 5th October.

Rules of the competitions:

  1. The Rules of the All India Chess Federation and the guidelines of the AIU will be applied for the competition.
  2. A participating team may lodge a protest on technical matters, within two hours of the completion of their match along with a protest fee of Rs. 1000/- which may be refunded to the team, in case the protest is upheld.
  3. The decisions of the Arbiter shall be final and binding. Protests if any shall be decided by the jury of Appeal formed as prescribed by the AIU and consist of the following members:
  1. The Chairman
  2. The Technical CommitteeMembers
  3. Chief Referee

Requirements for the tournament:

  1. Your University Flag
  2. Identification Cards of the players and four copies of the Eligibility Pro-forma duly typed and signed by the competent Authority.
  3. As per the guidelines of AIU Officiating charge
  4. Players should report to the Hall with descent dress code well in advance.

Return Journey Reservations:

The teams are requested to look after the travel arrangements themselves. However, tickets to local trains can be taken from the Avadi Railway Station to Chennai.


There will be a Reception Counter at the Main Entrance of the University Campus on 7th of October 2016 for Registration and to cater to all other enquiries related to the tournament.


Food will be arranged in the VelTech University on Paymentof Rupees One Hundred and Eighty Only (Rs.180/-) by Prior Request by the Team Manager.

Contact for more details:
Dr. G. Bobby
Organizing Secretary
South Zone Inter University Chess Tournament:2016-17
Vel tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University
Avadi. Chennai-600062.
Contact: 07358785931/09940289848

Department Of Physical Education

Contact No
4Mrs.T.Rasheedha Mohammed Kutty9698233146

Your University Team’s Co-operation is solicited for the Smooth and Successful Organizing of the Tournament.

We are looking forward to
Welcome your University Team.