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Date(s) - 07/03/2017
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Industry – Academia Initiative from India and Republic of Korea for Social Cause (Clean water Application)
Indo-Korea research initiative is focused on facilitating bilateral science and technology co-operation for clean water applications using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) under the aegis of Global innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India and National Research Foundation (NRF), Republic of Korea.
UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd, Chennai, a company specialising in UAV Development & Manufacturing and Vel Tech Dr RR & Dr SR University, Avadi, Chennai, a university specializing in the Design of UAVs are partnering with Rovitek of Republic of Korea, a company that makes versatileAutopilots and DGIST of Republic of Korea, a research institute that develops a water samplers. A synergistic effort between Industry – Academia is be the prime focus of this collaboration.
This project is a logical extension of the long association of UCAL & Vel Tech since they launched a joint M.Tech Course on Aeronautical Engineering specialization in UAVs in 2015.
Access to safe water is a significant issue around the world. In 2013 the World Health Organization reported that 768 million people in the world, approximately one tenth of the world’s population, do not have access to safe water. Many of the nation’s coastal waters, estuaries, rivers, streams and lakes remain impure as a result of pollution and/or physical alterations. The traditional methodology allows a thorough analysis including chemical and biological agents; it has several drawbacks like the lack of real-time water quality information, labour intensive, relatively high costs, accessibility of water bodies, and time constraints for water sampling, especially after natural disasters and emergencies, are some of the challenges of water sampling. Therefore, there is a clear need for continuous on-line water quality monitoring. The conventional problems can be effectively tackledby the deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, for its capabilities to reach and sample in any toxic or highly contaminated water bodies.
Commercial UAV system to perform real time water analysis is not available. Our product will be a first-in-class solutions in India and Korea,on the project completion. The project “Design and Development of Autonomous Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and UAV Mountable Water Sampling Devices for Water Based Applications” aimed to develop Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that can autonomously fly to test the water quality in real time with an aid of on board sophisticated water analyzing sensors.
Founder Chancellor and President of Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr SR University Col. Prof. R Rangarajan said that, “Our core vision is to promote multidisciplinary research related to societal applications that can provide viable solutions; Water pollution is emerging as a major global problem and research on effective monitoring, handling and water treatment is critically required. I am sure that this collaborative research can lead to tremendous beneficial for clean water applications for global community”.
Chairman of UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd Mr. Jayakar Krishnamurthy told that, “Water contamination is the vital issue across the globe. The rapid development and growth of UAVs as a sensing platform as well as advances in the miniaturization of instrumentation and data systems are catalyzing a renaissance in a variety of social fields and disciplines from clean water applications, precision agriculture and disaster response. UCAL’s established presence in Design, Development and Manufacturing of Mechatronics systems would be an added advantage. We are glad to associate with Vel Tech to develop this Autonomous Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle first of its sort to cater this purpose. The envisaged outcomes of this collaborative effort are, development of Amphibious UAVs for effective water quality assessment, Intellectual Property generation, skilled man power development and water quality evaluation reports pertaining to various water bodies across India and Korea.”

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