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Smart Systems are self-sufficient intelligent (sub-) systems with advanced functionality, enabled by underlying Micro- Nano- and Bio-systems and components. It allows to create a system out of components which can read the information from the surroundings to process, to communicate signals and data with enabled feedback signal
The advancement in technology allows the old-fashioned world to migrate towards smart world in terms of high security, reliability, miniaturization, energy consumption and intelligent data processing, all play a critical role in it. To find successful solution, it is therefore necessary to consider the smart systems and its environment as a whole system. Due to increasing complexity and multidisciplinary there are several developing teams from academics and industries in fields of electronics, nanotechnology, microsystems, wireless communication technologies, optics, biology, medical science, fluidics, etc. Smart Systems addresses the present and future needs in manpower from the increasingly industry area of smart systems including microsystems technology and Internet of Things. This conference will provide a platform for academicians, industrialist, researchers, and practitioners interested in the theory and practice of smart systems and technologies related to electrical engineering, communications, computer science and engineering, control systems, robotics and automation, automobile electronics, as well as interdisciplinary research and applications..



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