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Funded Research Projects

Funded Research projects at Vel Tech are sponsored by National/International Institutions and Industries, Research labs are occupied with these projects

List of Funded projects

SNoProject titlePrincipal InvestigatorDeptFunding AgencySchemeProject Cost (Lakhs)Completed / OngoingStarting DateClosure date
1Vel Tech TBIDr. P. SarasuCSEDSTNSTEDB50100000Completed20102015
2Development of Pyro Igniter & Pyro Starter for Gas Turbine Engine ApplicationDr.K.JayaramanAeronauticalDRDOGTRE962500Completed27.07.2010Jul-12
3Feasibility Study on Eradication of Polythene BagsMrs.ValarmathyMBAICTE425000Completed06.12.201005.12.2012
4Capacity Building in Design and Development of OrnithopterMr.Vasanth RajMechanicalIEIEI70000Completed18.01.2011Jul-11
5Development of Design Methodology for optimizing SFD for Aero Gas Turbine & Experiment Verification StudiesDr.K.JayaramanAeronauticalDRDOGTRE18665000Completed25.01.201124.07.2013
6Design & Development of Spin Axis & Spring Rate Control for Pico-SatelliteMr.Vasanth RajECEIEIEI100000Completed05.11.2011Nov-13
7Synthesis of N-alkylImidazolium / benzimidazolium / triazolium based Ionic Liquids and their Application in Organic Transformations as Solvent and CatalystDr.K.ElangoChemistryDSTFast Track Scheme1820000Completed06.08.201205.08.2015
8Synthesis and Characterization of pure and doped nanostructured BiFeO3 for magneto-electric applicationsDr.S.Gokul RajPhysicsDRDOARMREB2573010Completed06.08.201205.08.2015
9Development of Fiber Reinenorced Aerated Concretes with EPOXY coating for Structural Panel ApplicationsDr.S.GeethaCivilDRDODSMRDE943000Completed04.12.2012Jun-14
10Design and Development of Remotely Piloted Aircraft for Collecting Aero Biological SamplesMr.Vasanth RajECEMSMENID110000Completed18.12.2012May-13
11Design and Development of a Device to Indicate Clogging Level Air filters in CarMr.G.SivakumarMechanicalMSMENID50539Completed18.12.2012May-13
12Design, Development and Formation Control of Micro OrnithoptersDr.E BalasubramanianMechanicalGITA- CIIIndo – Taiwan2635000CompletedJul-13Jul-16
13A photophysical study on the association of serum albumins with biological aggregates in native and denatured statesDr.SusithraChemistryDSTFast Track Scheme2126000Completed01.10.201315.07.2016
14Design & Development of Ornithopter Test RigDr.E Balasubramanian
Mr.R.Vasanth Raj
Mech, ECEIEIEI51000Completed24.10.2013Apr-14
15Robotic assisted rapid prototyping of near net shape components through indigenous polymersDr.E BalasubramanianMechanicalDSTEQUITY2215000CompletedJun-14Jun-18
16Synthesis of novel mono-dentate phosphorous ligands and their application in transition metal catalyzed asymmetric reactionsDr. C. Ramesh KumarChemistryDSTFast Track Scheme for Young Scientist2318000Completed25.07.201424.07.2017
17Development of High Temperature Austenitic Alloy through Mechanical Alloying For Engine ValvesDr. R.MARIAPPANMechanicalDSTTECHNOLOGY SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT2495000Completed14th August 201414th August 2017
18Development of polybenzimidazole (PBI) based membranes and synthesis of novel extractants for the extraction of trivalent actinides and lanthanidesDr. C. Ramesh KumarChemistryDAECollaborative Research project832717Completed25.08.201430.09.2017
19ZnO Nanowire Modified carbon Fibres for Interfacial Studies & Energy HarvestingDr.S. GowthamanMechanicalDSTFast Track Scheme for Young Scientist2555000CompletedAug-14Aug-17
20Ornithopter Test Rig – Design, Analysis and ManufactureDr.E BalasubramanianMechanicalDRDOAR & DB – SIGMA974000CompletedSep. 2014Dec-16
21Development of low emission hybrid carDr.MathiyalaganMechanicalIEIEI100000Completed17.02.2015Sep-15
22Near Net Shape Components through Automated Selective Inhibition Sintering Process (SISP) for Small Armament ApplicationsDr.E BalasubramanianMechanicalDRDOARMREB2715000CompletedJul-15Jan-18
23Programmable Logic Control – Human Machine Interface (PLC-HMI) and ZigBee Based Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) for Design and Develeopment of Automatic Sprinkler for Multi Applications.Dr. A. Selwin Mich PriyadharsonECEDSTFast Track Young Scientist – Engineering Science Scheme2989000Completed13/8/201512-08-18
24Integrated Approach Using Stereolithography Based Rapid Prototyping and Computational Fluid Dynamics for Developing Combustors with Superior Emission FeaturesDr.S Senthil KumarAeronauticalDSTFast Track Scheme for Young Scientist2909000CompletedAug-15Feb-18
25Full Field Non-Contact SHM Protocols for Long Span Railway Bridges and Heritage StructuresDr.E BalasubramanianMechanicalDSTIndo – Canada4115000CompletedOct-15Oct-18
26Experimental Studies of Deep Groove Ball and Cylindrical Roller Bearings by Accelerated Load TestsDr.B.L.JaiwalAeronauticalDRDOCombat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment (CVRDE),1500000Completed26.01.201630.12.2017
27Performance characteristic evaluation of thermic fluids for regenerative heat transfer systemsMr.SubramaniAeronauticalIEIEI50000Completed14.07.2016Jul-17
28Helical Blade SwirlerDR ShanmugasundaramAutoMSMEMSME625000Completed20142018
29Small Satellite for Aerial ImaginaryDr. K. ElangovanExternalMSMEMSME459000Completed20152018
30Desktop Vibratory Polishing unit for finishing thermoplastic partsMr. Rodriguez Arthurs S.AExternalMSMEMSME470000Completed20152018
31Advanced Coating grade 3D Printing PLAMr. Srikanth KalaleExternalMSMEMSME536000Completed20152018
32Vapour Smoothing for 3D Printed PrototypesMr. Mithun V KulkarniExternalMSMEMSME344000Completed20152018
33Innovative Wheel drive to enable widespread electric bicycle TransportationDr.P.SarasuCSECEFIPRAIndo-France7629000Completed21.10.2016Jul-19
34Design and Development of Autonomous Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and UAV mountable water sampling devices for Water Based ApplicationsDr.E BalasubramanianMechanicalGITA – CIIIndo – Korea3906000CompletedJan-17Dec. 2018
35Performance Testing and Tuning of Bearing Supports of HTFE-25 Core Engine on for Possible Axial and Radial Load Spectra Encountered during Engine OperationDr.B.L.JaiswalAeronauticalDRDOHAL1450000Ongoing15.07.2015
36Vel Tech TBI Seed Support SystemDr P SarasuCSEDSTNSTEDB20000000Ongoing
37NIDHI CoE – Vel Tech TBIDr P SarasuCSEDSTNSTEDB230000000Ongoing17.4.20172021
38Design and Development of Optimized Miniature Antenna Modules with Duality Function for Inflatable Satellite Antenna SetupMr.Prasanna RamECEISRORespond3330000OngoingSep-17Aug-20
39Impact of Digital Media and E-Learning Solutions on Contemporary Management EducationDr.K.RavishankarMBAICSSRICSSR Research Project Scheme750000Ongoing15.01.2018Dec-19
40NIDHI PRAYASDr.P.SarasuCSEDSTPRAYAS70000000Ongoing20182022
41SERB Research Scientist SchemeDr.A.KathiravanChemistryDSTResearch scientist scheme2300000Ongoing01.02.201901.02.2021
42Energy efficient and optimal path planning strategies for SWARM of UAVs in real time localisation using deep learning based stereo vision systemDr. E. BalasubramanianMechISRORespond2301000OngoingOct-19Oct-22
43Optimization of high speed vessel and evaluation of hydrdynamic performanceDr. M. ElangovanMechDRDONSTL840000OngoingDec-19May-20
44Expansion of activities of BioTech – KISAN Hub in Three Aspirational Districts (Kadapa, Vizainagaram and Vishakapatnam) of Andhra PradeshDr. E. BalasubramanianMech, ECEDBTKISAN600000Ongoing20192021
45MODROBDr. P. ChandrasekharEEEAICTEMODROB976800Ongoing23.01.202023.01.2022
46MEITY INCUBATIONDr. P. SarasuECE, EEEMeityMEITY17400000Ongoing20192023
47Multifunctional Colloidal Sulfur Particles A Promising Green Pesticide for Practical Agriculture ApplicationsDr. Jagajjanani RaoBiotechDSTAgro-Tech2719114Ongoing20192022
48Skill and Personality Development CentreDr. P. ChandrasekharEEEAICTESPDC1283400Ongoing20202023
Sl. NoFunding Agency/Industries/project for (Ref No.)Purpose of Funding / Project TitledCost of Project
(in Rs.)
1.India-Taiwan Science & Technology Cooperation Programme – GITA – DST and CII (GITA/DST/TWN/P-49/2013)Design, Development and Formation Control of Micro Ornithopters
2.DST/INT/Canada/IC-IMPACTS/P-3/2015Full Field Non-Contact SHM Protocols for Long Span Railway Bridges and Heritage Structures
Euro 94423
4.IFCPAR/CEFIPRA IFC/7125-IWDEB/1002Innovative Wheel Drive to Enable Widespread Electric Bicycle Transportation (IWDEB)
5.CII GITA Certf No:IN-DL273955528176740 Acc Ref: IMPACC(IV)/dl946503/DELHI/DL-DLHDesign and Development of Autonomous Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and UAV Mountable Water Sampling Devices of Water Based Applications