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DRDr. Sagunthala Rangarajan

Foundress President

A woman of Zeal and Compassion to serve the needy of the society

Her desire to contribute to the welfare of the society and the Nation at large, arose the passion to raise professionals who work for the upliftment of the society. This passion translated to the propelling drive to our Chairman Vel Tech Group of Instituions to steer from being an Industrialist to Educationalist.

Educational Record: Graduated in medicine from Andhra Medical College , Vishakapatnam, in 1965.
Professional Record: Worked for a term in Government Maternity hospital, Tirupathi Practitioner serving the poor and needy of the society.

She is known for her penchant to serve the society with charity and she went on to be founder member for the various charitable trusts and has been a philanthropic leader since then.

It has been her earnest desire to set up a medical teaching hospital which would serve the society by providing best health care at affordable cost to the community and providing the best education with state of the art infrastructure to produce good medical and engineering professionals.