Conceive Design Implement Operate


CDIO Worldwide initiative has selected Vel Tech Dr.RR & Dr.SR University as the FIRST MEMBER from India. Voted and declared recently by CDIO Council for its innovative engineering education framework. CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) is an innovative framework in the field of engineering that equips engineers with the knowledge in the state-of-the-art of technology. Global Educators such as MIT, Chalmers and others are part of this to reform Engineering Education to reach its destination as identified by industry and ABET, USA.

To cope up with the revolutionary changes happening in the engineering education internationally during recent years, the University has adapted the new pedagogical process so-called “Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate” (CDIO) approach. This rationally developed CDIO syllabus helps the students to acquire professional, personal and inter-personal skills systematically. As the first initiative of this transformation, the University has established an Engineering Workspace to support and encourage hands-on learning of product, process, and system building, disciplinary knowledge, and social learning.

Active Learning Environment

  • Classroom which can be re-configurable for supporting active learning.
  • Faculty teams to devise and implement modern active learning methods.
  • The student feedback is captured using classroom response systems for enhancing quality of teaching.
  • V-Doers summer camp, a project to conceive design and implement towards finding solutions to societal problems by living in that society


  • The curricula design provides opportunity to students for pursuing courses from various categories
  • Integrated courses are designed encompassing theory & practical
  • Domain specialist from industry teach specialized courses
  • University facilitates Industry Internships/In-plant Trainings as part of the curricula
  • The curricula design provides opportunities to students for pursuing courses from categories viz Programme Electives/Allied Electives/Value Education Electives

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

  • Learning at one’s own pace.
  • Option to change the branch of specialization.
  • Choosing the courses of one’s interest from an extensive set of elective courses from various categories.
  • Option to choose the professor of yours choice for the selected courses.
  • Undertaking full time project works in India & Abroad.
  • Transfer of credits from / to other reputed institutions in India and Abroad.
  • Pursuing value-added courses for attaining high degree of professional competence.