World Festival of Youth & Students

“When I got the invitation letter from the organizers of WFYS RUSSIA 2017, I was puzzled whether to attend the Youth summit on aviation of future or not, but now I realised that if I had not participated in WFYS 2017, I would have missed the nine most beautiful days of my life. All this happened, by the dedicated service of the team of International Relations office of our University. My suggestion to the juniors is, “if you get a chance to go to abroad (Any university internship or youth summits etc..,) weigh your reasons, pros & cons of the programme and go ahead. Do whatever you are passionate about and you will see the whole world by your side.

Kaipa Sai Chaithanya, Mechanical,
Asish Kumar sahu, Aeronautical,
Vikrant Kalkal, Mechanical,
Vijeta Kalkal, ECE