visualA picture speaks a thousand words is an age old saying. Through myriad hues and stark contrasts, a photograph could help to tell vivid stories in obvious and subtle tones. A still picture can stir the imagination and kindle the thought process beyond that. Freezing a moment in time, that could be otherwise lost, is possible only because of photography. The art and science, in its own right, helps in creating memories, evidences, documentation and application in variety of fields.


Photography was an expensive hobby during the years of film cameras. The access, availability and affordability were major concerns that restricted the art to professionals, select hobbyists and the elite connoisseurs. Thanks to advancement in technology, the advent of smart phones, digital cameras and prosumer cameras has made the art a common hobby and a chosen profession for many. Advanced digital technology helps to click attractive pictures at the touch of a button.

Social Media adds to the attraction by offering an instant platform to upload the pictures. Even more encouraging is the active audience who respond immediately. Be it personal or professional work, there is a greater possibility of promoting your work, the ability to network and the potential to make it go viral in no time.

The gear could be anything: a smart phone, a digital camera or a professional DSLR. The art is an obsession for many people. If your first instinct is to reach out to your gear, it means you live the moment through pictures. Now, Photography is, certainly, an emotion. Capturing whatever we see or do has become an instant reaction. Your heartbeat would soar as you endeavor to capture those breathtaking visuals. Users prefer visual storytelling for various reasons. The purpose dictates the quality and determines the relative success. In a clutter of users who call anything they click as photography, only the ones who understand the purpose would understand what it takes to capture a breathtaking shot. However, understanding the grammar of photography plays a vital role in capturing great photographs. After all, photography is a visual language.


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