Tips to get a Dream Job

Tips to get a Dream Job

Tips to get a Dream Job

Dear Vel Techians,

When a student starts his college life his aim is to complete study and get his dream job by the end. This is the definition of success for most of the students.

Dream Job is a professional profile that you want to work on for the whole life or at-least major part of your life. It’s very important to select the right job otherwise it becomes quite boring.

Tips to get a Dream Job:-

Frankly speaking it’s very easy to get your preferred job if you are following characteristics or a sound attitude towards everything that comes between you and your ambition.

Be Prepared: It’s always good to be prepared before you face any interview.

Go through the website of the company and get some domain knowledge like what they work on, business model, platform etc.

Prepare yourself to suit the needs of the company because now a days company avoid lengthy training program, even if you are good and seems like training you will take some extra effort and time, HR rejects the candidate.

Try to get in touch with the employees who got placed recently. Sources likeQuora, LinkedIn, Facebook, can help you a find opportunities.

Be Optimistic and keep trying:  Don’t lose heart if the situations are not favourable. Try hard to accept them and progress through, one day you will eventually overcome the situation.

Do not allow negativity to overpower your thoughts.

Be gentle and show professional attitude: During HR or technical round the most important thing one looks for is confidence and the attitude of a person in various situations, the approach you take for problem solving. You need to be very flexible in learning new things and adopting to various situations. Finally your decision making power will be evaluated – this is the one skill that takes you higher in your career.

I would like to conclude that do not lose hope keep trying, along with the campus selections keep exploring other options like off-campus drives, walk-ins, drop resume in official websites, connect using LinkedIn, etc. Keep trying its likely to happen, in the first few attempts you might fail but keep your nerves calm and proceed you will succeed one day..!











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