Hybrid Cars – The Latest Trend in the Automotive Industry

Hybrid Cars – The Latest Trend in the Automotive Industry

Hybrid Cars – The latest trend in the Automotive Industry

The best mode of transportation has always been the most sought after need of all time. From luxury vehicles to performance driven vehicles, are always on demand in the automotive industry. There are many versions of hybrid vehicles like for example a simple motorized-pedal bike (moped), diesel-electric buses, diesel-electric mining trucks and so on. There are other hybrid models like the submarines, where their fuel may be either nuclear-electric or diesel-electric.

The recent trends of hybrid cars have risen above all the other categories of cars. The earliest hybrid cars launched are Toyota Prius (1997), Honda Civic Hybrid (2002) and many more. Ford Company was the first to introduce the hybrid SUV called The Escape in 2004.

Hybrid car defined in simple words
In simple words, car that uses two different ideas to move (both the gas and electricity share their energy) is called a hybrid car.

Mechanism in a hybrid car
The base model of the hybrid car is supported by the fuel engine and also keeping the charger as a bank battery. Usually, the change between the battery power and fuel engine is based on the need. In a full hybrid car, the electrical energy is used while the car needs less power. The gasoline energy is used when the car needs more power. Thus at lower speeds the battery drives the vehicle and at higher speed the gasoline drives the vehicle. This technology has been used in cars like Toyota Prius and Ford Escape.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars: Very less pollution, Better mileage, Less emissions, Batteries need not be charged by an external source and Less dependence on fuels.

The evolution of hybrid cars have taken wings of creativity to establish better hybrid car models

The students of Vel Tech won the Best of Best Award at the International Student Car Competition, a Hybrid Vehicle Creative Technology Category, May 2018 organized by Korean Auto-Vehicle Safety Association (KASA).

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