Fundamentals, Opportunities & Recent Advances

Fundamentals, Opportunities & Recent Advances

Data Science: Fundamentals, Opportunities & Recent Advances

Raw data is being generated at a tremendous Volume and Velocity in a Variety of structured and unstructured formats, with Veracity concerns of quality and accuracy. Hence, the 4 V’s of Big Data. Those not making full use of the data that is generated intentionally or otherwise by the different organisations, apps, services, facilities, equipment etc. will lose out to the competition. With this realisation, Big Data and Data Science have become vital to various Industries, service providers and governments. There is a huge gap to be filled by well trained professionals in Data Science with expertise from various backgrounds to cater for the requirement of the different fields and domains. There are vast opportunities projected locally and globally. A simple understanding about the tools, techniques, required skillsets for this field and a glimpse of the important recent advances in Data Science as well as expected future trends will help in implementation of Data Science.

Those interested to embark on Data Science, can attend the introductory course on the fundamentals concepts of Big Data and Data Science at Veltech

Date: 27-29th of Dec 2017

Prof. Dr. R. Logeswaran,
Professor, Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Technology (FCET).
Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)