From the counsellor’s desk

From the counsellor’s desk

One way or other we all crave to excel in everything we do. We dream of turning everything into gold and look for magical solutions to our problems. Let’s face it! There is no fairy godmother who will bring us our answers. We need to work towards creating the answers and toil for pursuing a better future. Yes we need to face our demons on our own.

1) Creating higher goals

Don’t give into your current achievements, however big or small that may be. Work on taking your goals up a notch. Setting higher goals, both short term and long term and working towards achieving it will surely boost one’s confidence. In the course of upgrading the goals, work on polishing every skill that you possess.

2) Tick tock

No one is powerful enough to stop the march of time. Utilizing one’s time and energy to the utmost caliber and displaying immense potency in developing and crafting new ideas is the need of the hour. So get started because it is true what they say that time and tide waits for none.

3) Social media frenzy

An important arena that is highly superfluous and will most definitely lead youngsters astray is the exorbitant usage of social media. Extensive use of social media platforms can have debilitating effects on the physical and psychological realm of an individual. Not to mention the cyber bullying and online trolling that is exacerbating people’s lives. Take extreme care in making sure that it doesn’t overpower oneself to the extent of limiting one’s creativity.

4) Build a social support system

Support and sustenance that emanate from genuine care and empathy is what one must look for. Surrounding yourself with people who catch you when you fall is vital in determining the course of our path. It is crucial because we thrive in such ambience and it empowers us.

Ms. Fincy Charles ,
Student Counsellor