The popular science fiction books and movies showcase about the Androids (humanoid robots) like the Commander Data” in Star Trek which is competent in all its functions. Unlike the fictions, the real human aids are the Bio-robots which are used to replace the diseased body part of a soldier who lost an arm/leg in the battle or an athlete who lost a leg in an accident and many other such scenarios.

Biorobotics is a field of engineering which is a collective study of various domains such as biology, bionics, physiology, cybernetics, genetic engineering etc. The intersection of the living with the non-living matter for better living is the reflection of biorobotics. This field was formerly known as synthetic biology

Creating Biorobots

Biorobots are developed with the living biological organisms emulated or simulated through Genetic engineering processes and designed via artificial means. Biorobots can be programmed or designed to be like a living organism, mechanisms which can replace limbs or even the Terminator. Biorobotics has been helping biologists in understanding the complex animal-environment relationship to make Bio-robots.

Some of the Recent Advances in Biorobotics

  • BCI (Brain Computer Interface)

Brain-computer interface (BCI) is the collaboration between a brain and a device that enables signals from the brain to direct some external activity, such as control of a prosthetic limb. For example, the signal is transmitted directly from the brain to the mechanism directing the cursor, rather than taking the normal route through the body’s neuromuscular system from the brain to the finger on a mouse. BCI can enable a person suffering from paralysis to write a book or control a motorized wheelchair or prosthetic limb through thought alone.

Bionic eye (artificial silicone retina)
Bionic eye, is a visual device which is intended for restoring functional vision in those suffering from partial or even total blindness. With the artificial retina device, a miniature camera mounted in eyeglasses captures images and wirelessly sends the information to a microprocessor (worn on a belt) that converts the data to an electronic signal and transmits it to a receiver on the eye.

There are other applications like the Biomimcry which is primarily used to study wild life.

Biorobotics is the next generation technology which is used to support many defected people to function in ease without any difficulty.
The smile of the visually impaired who could see, the lame athlete who could run and the paralyzed who can function are the success stories of Biorobotics

Ms.Annie Christina,
Digital Marketing Team,
Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology


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