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Biomedical Engineering Programme

Biomedical Engineering is an emerging Engineering discipline that has a strong foundation in the applications of Medical Technology. Engineering growth in this domain has facilitated the development of precision tools for modern medical diagnostics and therapeutic areas. This field of Engineering is a broad major that encompasses Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Biology, Computer Engineering and the application knowledge on the human body.

Why study Biomedical Engineering (BME)

The core aim of BME is to find practical solutions in medical through biomedical sciences using engineering approaches and analyses. There are many areas in health care where engineering approaches are needed, for example, developing life support systems CT scan, MRI, Heart-lung machine and ventilators and designing devices to aid the impaired or disabled or creating systems to allow better diagnosis of medical disorders. Biomedical Engineers are vital in the management of technology in hospitals and healthcare delivery.

A student undertaking a course in BME will become an expert in multiple core engineering disciplines.

What is the future scope for BME?

The future scope for BME is very bright and vibrant, especially in India which is the advent of several of the top biomedical companies such as GE, SIEMENS, Philips, Vital instrumentation, Texas, Suntech, Microlife, Kellymed, Sinomed, etc.
As far as research is concerned, recent advances in ortho prosthetics, Implants and Medical devices such as surgical diathermy, remote assisted robotic surgery and many more challenging areas have opened up.
In future, BME will have a profound impact in world economy. BME is a golden tool to solve some of the key global problems like the organ transplant, lifesaving equipment’s and advanced diagnostics to detect early onset of deadly diseases such as cancer.

2Dr.GOWRI.ABiomedical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorM.E, Ph.D
3Shelishiyah. RBiomedical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorM.Tech.
4Padmanabha Sarma. A.B.S.KBiomedical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorM.Tech.
5Dr.G.SaranyaBiomedical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorB.E(ECE),M.E(Medical Electronics),Phd(ECE)
6THIYAM DEEPA BEETABiomedical EngineeringAssistant ProfessorB.TECH(BM), M.TECH(BM)

What are Career Opportunities for Biomedical Engineers?

Any student who is contemplating on pursuing a career in BME can find rich opportunities in almost every medical and instrumentation sectors that require specific skill sets in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications of engineering devices. There are various areas of specialization within the field of BME for job opportunities such as Clinical Engineers, Rehabilitation Engineers, Biomechanics, Bioinstrumentation Engineers, Orthopedic Bioengineers etc.