46th Annual Alumni Meet

26thJan 2019

Annual Alumni Meet2018-12-20T09:05:07+00:00

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Everything in the meet, All for your little one ā€“ KIDS CARNIVAL

i)Fancy dress Contest


ii)Horse ride & Giant Wheel

Link-In -The -Chain Rivalry :

The Link-in-the-Chain rivalry (LITC) provides and perpetuates the tradition of linking your own batch mates and bringing them together for our 46th Annual Alumni meet at Jan 26 th 2019 . A link in the chain encompasses your own batch mates, senior or junior of Vel Tech Institutions. The highest number of your chain link will be contented to surprise reward.


LITC 1 :

LITC 2 :

LITC 3 :

LITC 4 :

LITC 5 :

LITC 6 :

Felicitation ā€“ Uā€™R Parent :

Parents play a very important role in every one of us . We seldom get opportunities to thank our parents in public. But there may be events and occasions or any kind of celebration when you really want to show your gratitude towards your parents. If you ever wondered how to thank parents, yes its day we created for you to felicitate your parents!