Directorate of Campus to Corporate

The Directorate of Campus to Corporate (DCC) makes every effort to groom the students with the aid of multiple training programmes to make them Industry ready. Vel Tech practices the Outcome Based education. The curriculum integrates skills and ideas such as project-based learning, internships with leading corporates, entrepreneurial thinking, multidisciplinary cum cross-disciplinary perspectives, and academic professional ethics. In this journey towards excellence, many objectives are set by the DCC in terms of Quality and Quantity.


The office of DCC builds Industry partnerships through regular interactions with the Industry. The excellent infrastructure of the campus facilitates the Campus Hiring processes like Pre-Placement Talks (PPT), Written Tests, Group Discussions (GD) and Interviews, to meet the demand of the organizations.

The various facilities of the campus includes:

  • Multiple auditoriums with 5000, 1000, 500 and 100 seating capacities to conduct PPT by the corporates.
  • Computer labs to conduct online assessment for 1000 students per batch.
  • Multiple GD halls for conducting group discussions/assessments.
  • Interview halls of 25 numbers enabled with Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity.

The DCC activities also include career counseling, career path session which enables students to identify their career through various interactions with employees/employers of corporate/MSME through guest lectures, workshops on trending technologies, mentoring support to aspiring students, projects, internships and in-plant training.

Career Counselling

Exhaustive career counseling is provided to the students during their first year, this helps them to understand their core competencies and interest to make better professional choices. Career counseling includes interactions on education and career choices, evaluating the abilities, values and interest of the students. Thus facilitating the students to plan their career, by identifying the exact cource of value addition to reach their target. Through career counseling, the DCC aspires students to identify and train specific domain to their choice of career interest.

Career Path

To explore the right career path, various interactive sessions with the professionals from various organizations have been organized for the students. This helps students to understand the actual demand and expectations from companies’ in the job market. Experts from Microsoft, ThoughtWorks, Mu Sigma, Cognizant, Quest Global, USEReady, etc. joined hands with Veltech to provide insights to the students in the form of workshops and seminars.

Employability Skill Courses

The second year curriculum includes a complementary skill course with the blend of Soft skills and Aptitude/Verbal proficiency, which is mandatory for the successful completion of the degree. Aligning to the placement objective, training is also given in the form of Value added/Certification courses in par with the Industrial demands. Online support for practice and assessment, Mock Interview and Group Discussions with corporate experts are also organized.

Technical Training

Various training on technical subjects are also given to equip the students with technical knowledge to meet the contemporary demand of various organizations. Such as

  • Training on C, C++, Java, Data Structures
  • Training on Unigraphics
  • Training on Data Analytics

Internship to Placement

Internship to Placement model is highly practiced in many companies. Vel Tech facilitates Internship as part of the curriculum wherein students are provided with internships in India as well as abroad like Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, France, Taiwan etc. Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) enables students to take up one year internship in their final year, by the successful completion all the courses required in their third year itself.

Some of the companies like Amazon, Juspay, Odessa Technologies, TVS, Paypal, MuSigma etc offered internship cum placement for our students.


In the recent days, corporate tends to identify potential candidates through various online
Competitions. Accordingly, our students are motivated to participate in various contests like Hacker rank, Hacker earth, Code Vita, L&T Techgium, SAP online test etc. through which our students got internship and job offers.

Corporate Mentoring

In addition to the inhouse and external training provided to the students, every three students are engaged with a mentor(normally an employee from top corporates like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Juspay, Paypal, etc). This facilitates the oppurtunity for the students to understand the ongoing projects in industries and attain the knowledge on how to approach the complex problems and arrive at an effective solution. Corporate mentoring also enables students’ career development by providing insight and information into organizational cultures at various management levels and leads to a development of positive networking.


The steady placement record witnesses the consistent progress of the institution. Placements are
done in:

  • Product development companies like Amazon, Odessa Technologies, Hyundai Mobis, MBit Wireless, ThoughtWorks, Latent View Analytics, Econ systems, Quest global, VVDN Technologies, Musigma, Maveric systems, KPIT Technologies, Data Patterns, NDOT, Technologies, Kaar Technologies etc.
  • IT service companies like Wipro, IBM, TCS, Capgemini, Mindtree, etc.
  • Manufacturing companies like ELGI, Sanmina, Titan Automation, Khadims etc.

Corporate Testimonials

Our Recruiters

Vel Tech has equipped me with the necessary training required on soft and technical skills. This helped me to enhance my knowledge and fulfill my dreams towards my career path.

Pilla Ramu (VtU 5107), CSE, TCS (through Codevita Competion), CTC 3.25LPA

The regular training sessions conducted by the Vel Tech Training Department groomed and enabled me to face my interview with confidence. I wholeheartedly assure to endeavor in doing my best.

Sai Nikhil Segu (VtU 4830), CSE, Capgemini, CTC 3.3LPA
I am extremely excited and happy about the job offer, especially with the package that the company has offered me. It’s a dream come true for me. This area of work has always been my passion.
Ashish Banik (VtU 5271), CSE, Maveric System, CTC 3.8 LPA

Getting placed in Mu Sigma was a golden opportunity for grab. Vel Tech has imparted me with the necessary skills and knowledge required to be placed in this renowned Organization, Mu Sigma. I feel honored to be a Veltechian.

K K Venkatesh Acharya (VtU5345), CSE, Mu Sigma, CTC 7LPA

I cherish this opportunity to be placed in a product based company like Odessa Technology. It is a dream come true. The soft skills training helped me to attend my interview with confidence.

Logeswaran R (VtU 5318), CSE, Odessa Technology, CTC 2LPA and Stipend during Interenship

The training in aptitude and coding skills provided by Vel Tech helped me in attending the campus drive with ease.

Archana Singh (VtU 5311), CSE, MindTree, CTC 3.2LPA

The training sessions organized by Vel Tech is the keen key to my selection process in Capgemini, It has been a great journey. Looking eagerly to face the corporate world.

Vikas Kumar Roy (VtU 5844), Mechanical, Capegemini

I feel ever grateful to Vel Tech. The quality teaching methods, nurtured me to become knowledgeable in the domain of my study. I assure to do my best in the corporate world.

Karanam Shanmukha Chaitanya (VtU 5242), Mechanical, Quest global, CTC 3.02

Vel Tech has groomed me to be better than what I was earlier. I am thankful that I got placed in one of the top core companies, its a dream come true.

SK.Pranay (VtU 4875), Mechanical, Quest global

I am so happy that I have taken the best choice for my career. A series of mock tests and interviews conducted by the DCC helped us to gain confidence. They took special care to cater to our needs by being available to clarify any doubts. Overall, the placement experience was very satisfactory.

P.Sree Kesava Ram (VtU 5515), Mechanical, Quest global

Getting placed in two prominent companies, is like a dream come true. Happy for the placement. I was able to showcase my knowledge which I had gained through my Department curriculum. I feel proud studying at Vel Tech.

S.V.Charan Sai ( VtU 5362 ), ECE, Wipro CTC 3.3, Mindtree

I feel honored to be a part of the Vel Tech family. The interview went on for 30 minutes, the interview questions were prim to test my knowledge in C LANGUAGE and my logical skills on how I implement the program.

Gudiseva Sai Kiran (VtU 4847), ECE, Mu Sigma

I was so excited that I was able to participate the placement drive. The drive started with pre-placement talk, followed by interview processes like online aptitude test, logical reasoning test, essay writing, pseudo code test and technical & personal interview. This experience was exciting and the results were fulfilling.

Koduru Hari Krishna (VtU 5621), ECE, Capgemini

Happy to that all the final year eligible students got placed in top companies. The package offered by Mu Sigma was very attractive. It is really a very good opportunity for me to start my career with this high package.

Kota Ravi Chandra (VtU 5446), ECE, Mu Sigma

Vel Tech atmosphere is so conducive with full of motivation. All the faculty are passionate in helping us by all means. With the blessings of parents and support of Directorate-Campus to Corporate I got an opportunity to participate in the campus drive with full confident.

V. V. S. SriHarsha (VtU 5416), ECE, Wipro,Capgemini

In Vel Tech we have separate training sessions on aptitude, technical and soft skills from 1st year onwards which helped me to tackle the various hectic rounds during campus drive. With all the training and support rendered to me I was able to get placed in Mindtree, which is fortunately one of my dream companies.

Kyama Srilekhya Kumari ( VtU 5526), ECE, MindTree

It was a wonderful opportunity that the company offered me the sponsorship to pursue master degree and placement with good package. Vel Tech provided us with various platforms to showcase our abilities and also helped us to learn all the soft skills that are highly required to get placed. I wholeheartedly thank Vel Tech

B. Uday Kalyan (VtU 5274), ECE, Maveric Systems

Our placement and training coordinators encouraged us to attend the campus drive with confidence and ease. The counselling for the unplaced students, helped us to share our difficulties and overcome it. After getting placed, we were the happiest. I would like to thank Vel Tech for putting their best of efforts in giving us the regular placement training.

Venkata Rakesh (VtU 5422, EEE, Hyundai Mobis